Friday, July 1, 2011

Jump for 33

My Hubby's parents, Danny and Chris, celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary today.  I have really wanted to make the most of their trip here, and show them everything there is to see.  Today we hopped down south to Gig Harbor to walk around the marina and look in on the shops.  The weather is amazingly gorgeous, so it worked out perfect to go there today.

Gig Harbor fisherman statue

Happy 33rd Anniversary!


Taking in the view

Our new giant friend

Putting some perspective on his massive size

His head was the size of Sonny
On our way home, I got the crazy idea to take them to Bachmann Park in Bremerton to do a "jump for 33" picture in honor of their anniversary.  It only took a little convincing to get them to agree.  Danny was trying to make excuses that he would hurt hisself, but I wasn't buying it.  There were a few too many people at Bachmann, and I didn't want that to interfere with the fun of it, so I went around the block again and we stopped at a really small and semi-private park that my Grammy used to take me and Rachel too a lot when we were younger.


I am so happy that we did this, and they seemed to enjoy themselves with all the jumping, letting loose and being silly.

Here is what we got:

Jump 1

Jump 2

Jump 3

View of Manette Bridge

View down Shore Drive
Happy Anniversary, Danny & Chris!
We love you!
Take Luck,

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