Monday, June 6, 2011

Squirrel Crossing

I don't know about you, but when I was 15 and taking driver's ed, I was taught to not brake or swerve for small animals that may pop out into the road.  Also, he told us that if you were ever faced with a deer in the middle of the road, to "aim for the butt" so you increased your chances of missing it (as it hopefully walks away).  Luckily, I have never been faced with a deer in the road, but it actually is pretty good advice, even when it came from a coo-coo driver's ed instructor.

So, this morning at oh-dark-5:00, when I was driving into work - not once, but twice did two small and squirrely squirrels dart out into the road.

I had just turned onto Brownsville Highway when the first mister (or missus perhaps) darted out.  I really wish I was being secretively videotaped so I could see the look on my face and my subsequent reaction to the squirrel.

It went something like...
"Oh no! Oh no! Go! Go! Go mister squirrel!  Ruuuun!"
I was banging my open hand on the steering wheel, bouncing up and down in my seat.

  Phew.  He (or she) made it.

I continue on the road to work and I get up the hill - and oh, dear.  Another one.  I saw this one coming from awhile away, and he (or she) was totally content with sitting in the middle of my lane, noshing on whatever treasure he (or she) had found... Totally not concerned with the approaching vehicle.

Getting closer...
"No, not again!  Get out of the way, ya squirrel!  Go!  Go!  Ruuuuuun!"
More open hand banging.  More bouncing up and down.

Double phew.  I couldn't see where this apparently ninja squirrel ran off to.
But there was no mass in the road behind me, and I didn't go over any bumps.

There was no one on the roads with me at this hour.  So I must admit that I did brake, and I did swerve a teeny, tiny bit.  

I hit a cat once on my way to softball practice, and the experience was pretty traumatic...
I certainly didn't want two squirrely squirrels on my conscience. 

So, be careful out there.
Be alert!
Look alive!
And watch out for those squirrels...
Especially the ninjas.

Take Luck,

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  1. I had almost the exact same thing happen to me today driving home thru Brownsville ---- only one squirrel though -- not two. I swerved just a tiny bit -- but there were no cars coming the other way. I would have felt terrible if I hurt a squirrel --- Oh nuts!
    Remember the time when I was trying to teach you how to drive a clutch and there was a family of Quail walking across the road and I freaked out to make sure you were stepping on the break? Geez --- what a terrible parent-driving-instructor I was.


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