Friday, May 8, 2015

Camden Says / 03

I know I am completely biased and think the sun shines out of his cute little tooshy, but I knew I had to document another edition of Camden Says before I am sleep deprived and incapable of remembering the funny things my man cub says.

I also completely recognize and accept that I may be the lone person on this earth that finds these little gems to be funny.

Me: What's your name?
Cam: Camden
Me: Camden?
Cam: Yeah, Camden Wobin (Robin) Hood

- Calls his soccer uniform his "unicorn"

- Early one morning...
Cam: Nose wunning (running), mommy
Me: Do you want me to wipe it?
Cam: (inserts finger into nostril) Wook (look), mommy.  A booby.

- Speaking of boobies, this child is obsessed.  Anytime his (or Ryan's) shirt is off...
Cam: (counting boobies) One.  Two.  Two boobies!

And if he has a shirt on and (heaven forbid) he can't see his boobies...
Cam: Where my boobies go?

- After catching a whiff of a familiar aroma, I checked his diaper by peeking in the back and asking "Cam, did you go poo poo?"  He said no and I visually verified that he had not.  Not two minutes later, he went over to Ryan, grabbed at the back of his pants waistband and said, "Daddy, go poo poo?"

- He takes certain rules very seriously (especially those involving pushing, hitting, spitting, biting, and throwing toys), so we hear a lot of "No pushing/hitting/spitting/biting/throwing, Mommy/Daddy," even if those things didn't actually happen.  He doesn't understand that light bottom taps (hitting) and blowing raspberries (spitting and/or biting) are forms of playing and will not hesitate to put you in timeout if you do either to him.

- After a biting incident at daycare (he was the biter) that was brought on by his personal space being invaded (not an excuse, I promise you), we talked to him about what to say when and if someone is touching you and you do not want to be touched - "Please do not touch me, (insert name)."  He repeated it several times to us and then Ryan put his hand on his back and without missing a beat, Cam said, "Please do not touch me, Daddy!"

- When the sun is out he will proclaim, "Thank you, Jesus for the sun!"  This is definitely something he learned at daycare.

- I caught him praying (with his hands folded and eyes closed) in the car recently and he said, "Mommy, Daddy, Zoey, Amen."

- In the car, jamming out to Sir Elton John on the radio...
Me: Cam, can you say, 'Elton John'?
Cam: Elmo John!

- Learning and practicing baby sister's name...
Me: Cam, what is baby sister's name going to be?
Cam: Amboomeps (ambulance)

- Randomly came home from daycare last week and started repeating over and over (and over and over to literally anyone that will listen)...
Cam: I saw (a) polar bear at Ms. Debbie's!

- Last weekend when my cousin, Cheryl, took our maternity/family photos, we talked the entire way to the ferry terminal about how Cheryl was going to get in our car and Cheryl was going to take our pictures.  He was repeating her name and asking "Where Cheryl go?" over and over.  She no sooner gets in the car and Cam started calling her "Miss Tricia" and he called her "Miss Tricia" for the entire time we were together.

Take Luck,

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  1. Camden Wobin Hood is quite possibly the cutest name ever. You can probably legally change it easily.

    <3 <3 Love how he prays for the fam, too!


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