Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

My third Mother's Day is in the books and I can hardly believe it.

We celebrated my mom on Saturday by taking the ferry to Seattle so we could meet up with my little sister and spend the day celebrating the amazing mother that she is.

We went to the Woodland Park Zoo where he Cam didn't seem too interested in the animals (other than the penguins) but after witnessing his dance moves on the lawn - I was mostly convinced that the wild beast belonged there.

My little sister captured a really sweet moment between my mom and I.  We were standing there, watching a bird you wouldn't expect to see sitting in a tree sit on a tree (I know, super exciting), and my mom was feeling the baby move inside my big 'ol belly.  She loves to feel the baby move and I can't say that I blame her.

After the zoo we went to my sister's place so we could eat lunch, Camden could nap, and we could recharge the batteries a bit before going to an early dinner.  What can I say?  We like to eat.

A day shy of 37 weeks pregnant and a full stomach courtesy of lunch and dinner makes for one big and uncomfortable baby belly.  We made it home late and thank goodness Hammy didn't put up a fight about going to bed because we were all exhausted.

Sunday morning we all got up together bright and early and Ryan treated me to doing the grocery shopping, filling my car with gas, and bringing home a delicious Starbucks coffee.  When he got home he made sure to tell me that he considered buying me a Mother's Day card and flowers, but then decided - eh, better not.  I've never met someone who takes the phrase "it's the thought that counts" so literally.

Cammy, my 37 week belly, and I played outside a lot and our time included me being traumatized multiple times by the pesky garter snakes that have taken residence in our yard.  Much like Tiff, I do not do snakes.  Or rodents.  Or anything else that is creepy and/or slithery so you can imagine how thrilled I was.

My parents came over for a BBQ and we continued to celebrate the special day with a yummy dinner and a wild beast child.  I swear he woke up from his nap and insisted on being a grumpy, defiant, little monster.  The afternoon and evening saw lots of timeouts and tears (from the both of us).

With it being a challenging parenting day, I found myself feeling really guilty with my frustration and the losing of patience.  I know there are (and will be many more) challenging days, but I also know that the days of "just us" are really, really, really limited.  Thankfully we ended the night with him giving me some sweet goodnight hugs and kisses, but darn it if I didn't feel sad after I shut his door and he went to sleep.

Last year I did some reflection on Mother's Day and how I felt about my little guy.  Not much has changed really - except the love and pride I feel for Camden has exploded and grown even more as he has left the baby behind and grown into a little boy.  Even on the tough days, he brings so much joy and happiness to my life.  I feel immeasurably blessed and fortunate to be his mommy, and feel so grateful to be living the life I live with my guys and this sweet, growing, little ladybug.  I am so excited to give Cam a little sister and for next year's Mother's Day picture to show me holding two sweet babies.

Take Luck,

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