Thursday, April 3, 2014

We All Survived

My brother and his family bought a new house and were moving this past weekend. Knowing I wouldn't be much help with physically moving them (or maybe due to a temporary lapse in my sanity) I offered to watch Kennedy and Riley for the day. 

I spent many hours with them before Camden was born, but this would be the first time I watched them since. They LOVE Cam and he just goes with the flow so I didn't think it would be too tough - just tiring. 

As luck would have it, my little man cub has been (finally) cutting top molars and woke up with a faucet in place of his little button nose. He was grumpy, clingy, and overall the opposite of his normal gem-like personality. Humbled

Really, the day went well and the big kids only got overly rambunctious a few times - but that's to be expected. What I didn't expect (or rather, had forgotten) was the absolutely historical things that innocently come out of Kenny and Riley's mouth. 

- Riley kept calling Brock "Brick" and neither kid could keep Sonny's name straight (one of their other aunts has two weiner dogs named Finny and Lucy so naturally...). By the end of the day they were getting close but calling her "Sunnyshine." 

- Because he's cutting teeth, Camden's hands had been in his mouth allllll morning. Camden put his hand on Riley's arm and he said "Uhhh, Aunt Lauren? Baby Camden's hands are really sweaty."

- Kennedy: "I think my dad's favorite color is gray." Me: "Why do you say that?" Kennedy: "Because his hair keeps getting grayer and grayer."

- Riley: "Does Uncle Ryan have a pump in his pants?" Me: "Uhhhhhh what?" Riley: "Does he have a pump in his pants?" (Clearly annoyed and holding up little sports balls that are flat and need to be pumped with some some air) 

- Kennedy, commenting on Camden's fascination with his noise blocking ear muffs - "He likes to wear them so he can't hear you."

- Kennedy, after I tried to help her with a Frozen online game, but ended up getting Kristoff eaten by a wolf - "(heavy sigh) You were supposed to HELP me but you blew it."

I can't wait to start documenting "Camdenisms" and the funny things Hammy says.

For now, I have confirmed my previous decision to not pursue a career in in-home child care. And after this experience, it's quite possible that we will only have two children. I only have two eyes, two arms, and two legs, and after today, I feel like I would need an extra of each to wrangle three.

By the end of the day, Camden was in rough shape and rare form.   He practically refused to take off his ear muffs and I was willingly giving him Roberto just to keep the crying and shrieking at bay.

The good news? We all survived.

Take Luck,

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