Thursday, April 17, 2014

Off to Ottawa

I traveled to Ottawa, Canada yesterday for a very quick work trip.  Very quick as in, this meeting that I came for is expected to last approximately two hours.  And I've been warned to leave this place with an unclear understanding of what the hell just happened.

That's an awful long way to travel for a two hour meeting - just saying.

I felt like a total ogre monster Wednesday morning as I was running about the house trying to finish getting both Camden and myself ready for the next few days.  Because Ryan is working an overnight shift right now, my parents get to have Camden overnight and get him to daycare in the morning.  I know they are happy to help but I feel bad that they are having to help out so much.

Besides the horrendous traffic that I could not avoid on my way to the airport this morning, it was a very smooth trip.  Smooth in the sense that I arrived in one piece, virtually unarmed.

I experienced the longest and bumpiest decent that I can recall while descending/landing in Chicago.  Thankfully, the person near me with the extremely pungent body odor waited until after the plane was on the ground before gracing the plane with their stench.

Unlike my last tango with Chicago's O'Hare, I did not have to run across the entire airport to get to my next gate.  It was conveniently located in the next terminal from which I landed.

I boarded the alarmingly small plane to Ottawa and sat next to a very nice Canadian gentleman and behind a woman who may or may have had Tourette's Syndrome.

  I had my eyes closed with the air on full blast while we were pulling away from the gate and taxiing, when the nice gentleman asked me if I was scared of flying.  My response?

"I'm not scared of flying.  I just don't like take off.  Or small planes.  Or turbulence.  Or landing."

We landed in Ottawa and I proceeded through customs and only walked through one wrong door.  I considered that a small personal victory considering my complete lack of international travel.  

I should add here that I called Verizon last week to ask/confirm what was covered in terms of phone calls and texting while outside of the U.S.  The super nice guy assured me that both incoming and outgoing calls and texts were unlimited, and he made it sound like it would be no problem at all.

Once I got through customs and was waiting for a co-worker to land, I noticed that my texts to Ryan and my mom weren't showing as "delivered" like normal, and I wasn't getting anything in response.  I called Verizon and after a lengthy waiting period, got to talk to a human.

I recapped my previous phone call, and the issues I was having, and what do you think the first thing she asked me was?

"Are you able to make phone calls?"

Well, lady, I sure as shit am sitting here talking to you on the telephone... So, what do you think?

(I didn't really say that, but I was certainly thinking it).

She quickly fixed the issue and I was then capable of checking in on my hubby and my baby boy.  I would totally be OK without texting for the duration of this trip - but I like to be able to make sure everything is going swimmingly without me.

I'm sure to have extra time on my hands this afternoon, so maybe you'll be lucky enough to see a blog post chalk full of grainy, Downtown Ottawa iPhone photos?

Only time will tell.

Take Luck,

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