Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mr. Mom

Ryan and I are both civil service employees, working for the U.S Navy.

Miraculously, we were both exempt from the recent sequestration.  Word had gotten around that those who were previously exempt, would also be exempt from the furlough (resulting from the government shutdown).

Apparently that was wrong because Ryan was furloughed yesterday.

So, what does that mean (besides the fact that I won't be getting my birthday present as planned...)? It means that my big love is now Mr. Mom and staying home with my little love.

So, last night while I was enjoying the fact that I wasn't having to get a diaper bag together to take to Jessica in the morning - I was panicking because Ryan hasn't spent much alone time with Camden.  Before today, the longest amount of time was probably two or three hours.  And most of those experiences ended with Ryan saying, "Come. Home. Now!"  My typical work day leaves me out of the house for almost 10 hours, so I think you can understand why I was feeling a little nervous.

Last night as we were chatting before bed, he asked me to leave a list of when Camden needed feedings and naps.

I snorted.  And said it doesn't work that way.

I kissed my boys goodbye this morning and headed off to work - wondering how many phone calls I would get at my desk (I can't have my cell phone, so quick texts weren't an option) and what sort of questions Ryan might have.

Long story short - I am pleased (so very pleased) to report that he rocked it.  I know that sounds silly considering that Camden is almost 10 months old - but I can't say enough of how proud I was of Ryan today.  He called me four times - and one of those times had nothing to do with Camden.

He had questions about whether or not it was too early/late to put him down for his first nap, if it mattered what baby food he ate for lunch, and how to strap my mom's car seat into his car.  All good questions (and nothing like the eye-roll-snort-worthy-questions I was anticipating).

At one point Ryan even said, "I could get used to this. This is way more rewarding and fulfilling than my job."  (Uh.  Excuse me while my heart bursts and I try and swallow the giant lump that's creeping up my throat.)

I came home to find both my boys alive and well, and both happy to see me.  Mommy win.

I can honestly say that I love knowing that Ryan is home with Camden and getting quality Mr. Mom time.  But I can also honestly say that I'd like this furlough to be over so my blood pressure can go back down to normal.

Take Luck,


  1. first off, the furlough blows. i'm sorry. i'm also so sorry you won't be getting your birthday present! curse congress. but, aw! that is so awesome Ryan rocked it! maybe my Ryan can call to get some pointers because I'm working at the pumpkin farm all day Saturday and Sunday and Ryan's on Huck duty...which probably means he will pass him off to his mom when it gets tough ;)

  2. I'm so proud of Ry... and like you, was happily surprised that he survived the day so well. I love this picture of them Lou --- so cute. I hope you sent to Ry's Mama!!!


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