Saturday, October 12, 2013

Camden - 10 Months

Camden James.  10 months old.  Double digit months.  Another month closer to a full year.  Lordy, I have issues.

Practicing his high five

While he didn't have a 10-month well baby check up, he did get to see his pediatrician yesterday thanks to a new cold and yucky, yucky, croupy cough.

My little big boy weighs a whopping 18 lbs 3 oz, putting him somewhere in between the 5th and 10th percentile.  I guess I shouldn't be too shocked that he's still wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothes, and absolutely swimming in his 9 month clothes.

This child is a mobile manic.  One of his favorite games to play is "I'm gonna get you..." where I pretend stomp/chase him down the hallway as he crawls and squeals away from me.  (I have to admit that I love this game too).  He continues to pull up on everything and stands alone without holding onto anything more and more.  He's taken a few little baby steps, but nothing to get too excited over because I'm pretty sure his rolly-polly-Buddah-belly is propelling him forward in those instances.

Sometimes I think he's starting to learn the word "No."  This child still loves weaseling his way to the Xbox console and stereo system, so we've started saying, "No," very sternly when he gets close to touching/cranking.  He also loves the bathroom and has a new-found love for toilet paper and pulling it off the roll.  Something tells me this will be a fascination for quite some time.

Toilet paper eating scolding

My Hammy boy still loves his baby food and really gets cranky if we don't feed him as fast as he prefers.  I guess we need to work on manners.  Just kidding.  I do know we need to start trying real solid/people food - but I'm just a big fat chicken and am afraid he's going to choke.  I know, I know - first time mother problems over here.

Swim lessons got better and better each week.  It's safe to say that he much prefers the safety and enclosure of his own private bath than the big pool.  This boy loves to splash.

I swear, his blonde/brown hair is growing a little more everyday.  Some mornings he even wakes up with a little bed head. Never in my wildest did I ever dream Ryan and I would have a blonde hair, blue eyed kiddo - that's for sure.

He's learning to play peek-a-boo and how to give a high five.  He thinks both of these things are just the bees knees.

This child is a hoot, and I'm pretty sure he knows it. And even though I get all Debbie Downer when it comes to these monthly "birthdays" (and I know I'll be a total in-denial-basketcase on the days surrounding first birthday) it has been so much fun to see him grow each day, and watch him as he takes in the world around him.

Take Luck,

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