Thursday, October 24, 2013

Embrace the Camera - 10/24/13

I Embraced the Camera several times this past week with my hubby and little munchkin man.

Here we are at the doctor's office, where I learned my son inherited my eyebrow raising abilities (see evidence below) and that he also has his fourth (yes, fourth) ear infection.  Hello, ENT.

My parents took me out for a belated-birthday dinner, and our little family was dressed head to toe (OK, head to waist) in St. Louis Cardinals gear.

Finally, perhaps one of my favorite pictures of me and my little love - my little sister caught a little mama smoochy at the pumpkin patch. I think I'll treasure this one forever.

Now, go and embrace the camera with someone you love!

Take Luck,


  1. holy sheesh. that eyebrow raise is seriously THE most awesome thing ever. and i love it!

  2. love embracing the camera. ive never been shy with a camera anyway but i will be so happy to have pics where my husband and i are all in the pics! have a great weekend!


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