Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Lately

- I've realized I have a new pet peeve: poor subject lines in work related e-mails.  Broad subject lines are bad, but don't even get me started on a blank/"No Subject" subject line.  It is such an easy thing, but I'm finding it's overlooked.  A lot.

- I have several friends who have recently had or are getting ready to have babies, and in recent Facebook stalking - I see way too many people making super helpful (insert sarcasm) comments like, "Haven't you had that baby yet?!"  Seriously, people - please continue to point out to this poor woman that she has not had her baby yet - as if she hadn't noticed.  I'm sure these mamas appreciate the Facebook population's excitement for their baby's arrival, but I guarantee that the past 40 weeks (if not more) have been the longest of her life.  I personally had to exercise great restraint on those who made that comment to me at the end of my pregnancy - and Camden came early!!!  Other super helpful and constructive comments include, "Are you sure there's only one baby in there?", "My Little Billy came two weeks early!" (said to the overdue mama), and "My Little Johnny starting sleeping through the night at 6 weeks!" (said to the sleep deprived mama of a 6 month old).  Come on, folks - just tell her you're excited for her and that she looks fantastic.

- Speaking of due dates.  I'm pretty sure obstetricians/midwives should give you your due date with a disclaimer.  Warning:  This date is a guess; an estimate.  Your baby is going to come whenever he/she darn well pleases and in some cases, may need to be served an eviction notice.  Women who carry past their due dates cannot be held legally responsible for any erratic outbursts that may occur after said due date.

- Last Wednesday, with the long weekend ahead, I decided to bite the bullet and venture into the land of sleep training.  There's been some crying (mostly, just from Camden), but we're seeing progress and less interruptions in night time sleeping for all of us.  Hallelujah.

- Ryan stayed home from work today.  He called me at work and was running down the list of things he was hoping to accomplish - including washing his car.  I excitedly asked him to wash my car, too!  He was quick to say, "Really?"  Guess I have some work to do to catch up on sleep and restore my sleep deprived brain.  It took me a few seconds after his response to realize that my car is sitting in the parking lot and therefore, quite impossible for him to wash.

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