Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

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[1] Today I put the final touches on an exam for my legal class.  This exam contained sixteen essay questions, people.  Sixteen.  I must have read the instructions seven times in hopes to find a hidden, "Choose ten of the sixteen questions to answer."  Alas, no dice.

[2] It may be sad to some that I now consider "staying up late" to include any time past 9pm.  I however am relishing in the glory that is nine (or ten) hours of sleep while I can.

[3] This blog has been neglected.  Not due to a lack of material, but my time has been taken up with school (the aforementioned sixteen essay question exams), organizing the nursery, enjoying those small amounts of time where I sit here doing nothing at all, and sleep.

[4] Out of the blue the other day I got the serious hankering to clean (or nest, perhaps?).  Among other things, I was on my hands and knees in the kitchen scraping glue from in between sections of the linoleum floor.  Who does that?  Me, apparently.

[5] Grey's Anatomy starts back up tonight and Dexter premieres on Sunday.  This makes me very excited.

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