Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts!

[1] Sneezing has become a new enemy.  My "Oh, no - a sneeze is coming" face has
gotten a whole lot uglier because it's evolved into a, "Oh, boy.  Don't
sneeze.  Don't pee!" face.

[2] Our vacation starts bright and early (6am) on Saturday morning when we fly
to New Orleans.  I cannot, repeat - cannot, wait to see Ryan's family and
meet Liam.

[3] There's nothing like a vacation to throw me in a Ihavesomuchshittodo frenzy.

[4] When opening my lunch this afternoon I realized that I was missing my
Laughing Cow cheese wedge.  I called Ryan and asked, "Did I put my cheese
wedge in your lunch?" (I thought I may have put it in his lunch by mistake).
His response: "That sounds dirty."  My response: "Yes, yes. Funny. Do you
have my cheese?"  I'm not really sure why I called him because it's not like
if he did indeed have my cheese it would have helped me any.  So, I hung up
and continued to eat my lunch... Cheese-less.

[5] Last night during our Financial Management lecture I noticed that every
person pictured on the PowerPoint slides and in the text are all happy and
smiling.  I couldn't help but think to myself, "They must not have taken
this class."

Take Luck,


  1. Bwaaaahahaha I can just hear you on the phone with Ryan. "Did you eat my cheese?! It's not in my lunch!"

  2. So someone actually moved your cheese? Hey, that would make a great book!


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