Monday, October 1, 2012

This Weekend...

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This weekend I spent several hours working on my financial homework.  I felt a little head rest itself on my shoulder and a little cold nose nudge my neck.  I think she was hoping I would stop and pay attention to her.

This weekend I was reminded how weird (and sometimes human-like) dogs are.

This weekend I watched as my hubby spent time with one of his oldest and best friends.  Hubby was happy.  Be still my heart.

This weekend I showed our out-of-town guests around Port Townsend and Fort Warden State Park.  The sun flare was just a bonus.  And now I really want to watch An Officer and A Gentleman.

This weekend I officially failed at Haus of Girls' #44milesinSeptember challenge.  Our Florida vacay killed it... But I'm not complaining.  It was worth it.

This weekend I hit my 29th week of pregnancy.  And was reminded by my OB that I am now one week away from the 10-week countdown.  Holy shiza.

And now, I'm trying to drown my sore throat and congestion in lemon ginger tea.  Awesome.

Take Luck,


  1. We definitely failed big time at walking every morning in sunny FL. Our shopping skills, on the other hand, were quite stellar.

  2. you look so adorable!

    and lol about the little expressions of your doggies. too cute:)


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