Thursday, July 5, 2012

Childhood Memories

Yesterday quickly came and went, and I didn't have time (or the energy) for the prompt.  So today, I'll play catch-up.

The prompt for Day 4 of Sarah's 15 Day Challenge is: What's your favorite childhood memory?

I don't know that I could choose just one memory, as I had a busy and very fulfilling childhood, but here are my top six:

- Playing dress-up or office with Rachel and my cousins at Grammy's house or at family parties.  I knew how to write checks at an oddly young age.

- Daily (yes, daily) trips to Dairy Queen with Grammy after school.

- Turning the front yard into a soccer field.  Empty laundry detergent bottles were cones for dribbling drills and the bushes on both ends of the lawn were goals.

- Playing in the yard with Josh.  He would terrorize me and push me into bushes but I always wanted to play with him.  Even if I cried a little.

 - Hitting balls off the tee from across the street into our fence.  My skills progressed into hitting balls into the yard, and soon I was hitting them over the house.  Dearest Daddio put Josh and one of his buddies in front of the windows (to catch any that got close) but I got a good one by them.  Dad tried to blame Josh but Mom knew better.  We moved down to my elementary school field after that.

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  1. Daily DQ trips are to make any childhood perfect! :) It's so fun to look back on the good ol times!

  2. Playing ball with my dad was always awesome! I remember walking down to Wendy's on early release Thursdays in junior high, before softball or volleyball practice. So much fun.


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