Monday, August 1, 2011

One Year

I'm sure the recent suspense has just been killing you, knowing that our one year wedding anniversary is 


We spent the weekend celebrating our love and wedding day in Troutdale, Oregon which is just East of Portland.  While there we went exploring and hiking along the Columbia River Gorge and spent the afternoon and evening at McMenimins.  McMenimins is a little historic town that has a small golf course, a winery, several pubs and restaurants and gardens. 

We started Saturday morning by hiking Multanomah Falls, which is a 629 foot waterfall that cascades over a cliff.  From the lookout point, there was a .2 mile hike to a bridge with a pretty great view.  A full mile from the lookout point was the top of the falls and was absolutely incredible.  It sure felt like more than a mile though.  They were kind enough to mark each switchback for us to keep reminding us just how far to go.  There were 11.  Thank ya much.

When we reached the top and went out to the Multanomah viewpoint, I took one step onto the platform to snap some pictures and I felt like we were going to tip over.  I immediately handed off the camera to my brave hubby, and said, "You do it. Gotta go."  After Multanomah we stopped at Wahkeena Falls.  The hike up to this falls' bridge was a mile and by this time, our legs were feeling quite jello-y so we decided to just take some pictures like wimps. 

We got cleaned up and headed to McMenimins for lunch, beers, wine (bad mix) and dinner.  We leisurely walked the grounds, people watched, drank some beers (including some delicious ruby raspberry beers!) and of course - I took lots of pictures. 

View from the parking lot

That's a big fall

View from the lookout spot


Ryan "hiding" in the cave

View of Columbia River

Getting higher

Handsome Hubby

Christopher Columbus, eat your heart out

Channeling my inner Pocohantas

I'm queen of the wooorld!

Tippy top of Multanomah Falls

Up the staircase

View of the lodge with Multonomah in the back

View from the wimp area

More wimpiness

Map of McMenamins

Ry-boy with his lunch time beer sampler

Ry-boy after his lunch time beer sampler

Post at McMenamins

Sign in the glass blowing lady's shop

Cute bench in the garden

Edgefield Water Tower

Hammerhead and Ruby. Yum.

Lovey lovebirds

Fire-y sunflower
We had a fantastic weekend.  It was so nice just to get away, even for a few nights to enjoy each other and celebrate us.  This past year has gone by so fast.  It is hard to believe that it's been a whole year since we exchanged "I do's."  It has been a great year, full of love, laughter and learning how to be the best possible husband and wife to each other.  I can't wait to celebrate many, many more years together.

Take Luck,

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