Thursday, August 4, 2011


Recently, Brock and Sonny discovered a stuffed, toy duck laying in the side yard of our next door neighbors.  They were completed enamored with it.  And by that I mean they would stand at the fence and stare at it, bark at it, lunge at it, and growl at it as it was lying there motionless.

Imagine that, a toy that lies tauntingly motionless.

They have had this same toy in the past, but they (mostly Brock) destroyed it within an hour - first by ripping out the squeaker that makes the duck noise and then slowly ripping out the stuffing and tearing the poor bird to shreds (mostly Sonny).

At $10 a duck... We found alternative toys.

Like empty waterbottles.

After seeing their reactions to this dead duck, we went out tonight and bought them their very own duck.  Well, their very own duck to share.  We had an idea to "surprise" them with the present and figured they would be super excited and run and jump all over the place.  We are puppy-sitting Teddy for my parents again while they are in San Fransisco for the week so we figured the three of them would go at it and wrestle each other for awhile, and then get tired.

They weren't surprised (shocking).  

They (mostly Brock) did run and jump around a little.

Sonny was actually afraid of the squeaking duck.

We had the idea of videotaping their reactions to the squeaking duck, but apparently they had other plans.  They pretty much made us feel like idiots.  After our failed attempt, I kept recording.

Since B-Boy is so much bigger than the little ladies, he pretty much dominated the duck hunting.  Teddy tried to get in on the action, but lost.  This whole thing turned into Brock playing with the duck alone, while Sonny and Teddy had wieny races around the yard.  After the wieny races, Brock and Teddy started a little friendly tug-of-war.

At least Ryan and I were entertained?

Enjoy the silly puppies.  And try to ignore my voice.

Take Luck,

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