Monday, August 22, 2011

Time with the Terry's

Well, I am sad to say that my best friend, Tiff, and her hubby, Ryan have come and gone.

Sad, sad, sad.

I am exhausted from the week/weekend of hosting and parading around Kitsap and King County, but it was totally worth it and I really, really enjoyed having them here and showing them around.

They arrived on Wednesday and we started out with a bang by going to Safeco Field and watching the Mariners take on the Toronto Blue Jays.  My Mom had made contact with the radio "Voice of the Mariners," Rick Rizzs, who is an SIU graduate like Tiff, Ryan and I, and the four of us were able to go up into the ESPN/710 Radio broadcasting booth to meet him, and watch an inning of the game.  We also had some laughs at the expense of a Japanese man who was carrying a purse.  

A legitimate black purse.

A little excited to be in the booth!

Girls with Rick Rizzs

Ryan and Ryan (with a Ichiro imposter in the background!)


Lovebirds in the broadcasting booth

Right after Rick gave us a shout out - hence the red cheeks
Thursday, my Ryan had to work so I commenced the tour of fabulous Kitsap County.  We left our house and headed north, stopping at Keyport (where I work), downtown Poulsbo, Salsbury Park, Port Gamble, Point-No-Point and swooped back around to Silverdale.

Fisheye view from boardwalk
Fisheye view from Marina
Fisheye view down Front St.
Friday, we headed out to Bainbridge Island to a hike that I found through the Washington Trails Association, called Gazzem Lake and Close Beach.  There was some debate on if Gazzem was pronounced Gazz-em or Gaz-ZAM.  I think we decide the latter was more fun.

The Gazzem Lake trail was more of a nature walk on flat ground, and we quickly found that Gazzem Lake itself wasn't what any of us had envisioned.  I did get to feed some hungry looking ducks, though!  We continued onto the Close Beach trail and were immediately met by hills and more hills.  I think the hike was worth what was waiting for us at the shore line.  While we were heading down, I wondered if I would know where we were once we hit the shore - And I certainly did.  Oddly enough, we were directly across the Sound from my parent's neighborhood. 
Long, flat Gazzem Lake trail
Pretty purple somethin-somethin
Gazzem Lake
My new friends
Totally having a blast...
Tiff on a rock at Close Beach
Those white buildings are Keyport
My hubby found a dead jellyfish
Me and Tiffer looking hot (literally)
Saturday we spent the day roaming Seattle.  The weather was amazing and the city was crazy, as usual.  We took them to all the hot spots including Pike Place Market (where we got to see them throw the fish), the Gum Wall, the first Starbucks, Seattle Center, the Space Needle, EMP, and the International Fountain.  We also made two stops at Seattle attractions that I have never been to before - Gas Works Park and the Freemont Troll.  We met up with Rachel and Spencer at Gas Works and the six of us had lunch together at Ivar's on Lake Union.
Fish Throw: Engage
Bend the knees...
...And release!
International Fountain
Gas Works Park
More Gas Works
View of Downtown Seattle from Gas Works park with my pathetic 55mm lens
Weeping Willow across from Ivar's that looked like a heart :)
Troll Ave.
Freemont Troll
VW Bug in the clutches of the Troll
Finally, on Sunday while my Ryan was golfing away at a work golf tournament, the three of us set out on our own again.  They got to meet Josh and Haley, Jaiden (who was staying the night), Mia, Kennedy, and Riley and experience the craziness that is their home (craziness in a good way, of course!).  Then we went on and explored Seabeck and Scenic Beach State Park, so we could get a little closer to the Olympics. 

And that we did.

However, I am too lazy (and tired) to get off my hieny and fetch my memory card to put those photos on my computer.

We had a great time, and it was so good to see Tiff and Ryan again.  I just saw them in May at Clare's wedding, but that was a really short and quick visit.  Before that, I hadn't seen them since their wedding in July 2009!

Tiff definitely got me hooked on editing my photos in Picasa.  And now I can't stop.  She was kind enough to let me try out her 55-200mm camera lens several times throughout their trip.  And now I really want one. 

I told her, "This is great!  OK, this is bad."  

She also wow-ed me with her photography and photo editing skills.

I want to be like her when I grow up.

Take Luck,

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