Wednesday, August 24, 2011

100% Dairy Free

For six weeks.


I have always had a sensitive stomach.  But recently, over the last few months, it seems as though the sensitivity has become heightened, and more frequent.  On Monday I went for a consult with a gastrointestinal doctor for a check-up and opinion.  Long story short, his instructions were for me to pursue a 100% dairy free diet for six weeks and keep a "food and symptom journal," among other things.

This direction to the girl who is a super picky eater, and who loves all things dairy.

Cottage cheese.  Cream cheese.  Cheese cheese.  And don't even get me started on sour cream. Tortilla chips and sour cream are a staple in my afternoon-snack-diet.

Hearing his instructions caused me to panic, and think to myself, "What in the he-ll am I going to eat for six weeks?"  My doubt was put aside when I called Ryan and my Mom to tell them the news.  They were both supportive and encouraging, saying that there were still plenty of things I could eat and that it would just take some experimenting and figuring what else is out there for me.

I did some research Monday, and was feeling better about this quest.  I know there are plenty of people in the world who are lactose intolerant and deal with this everyday, or vegans who choose these eating habits.  My worries were basically stemming from the fact that because I am already such a picky eater, my alternative options may be limited.  

My good feelings and hopefull-ness were soon squished when I stumbled upon a link entitled "Foods with Hidden Dairy."  Foods with hidden dairy include breads, deli meats, boxed cereal, and crackers and usually contain traces of butter or nonfat milk powder. 


Those are things I eat!

Needless to say I woke up Tuesday morning feeling a little overwhelmed and practically craving everything I know I can't have.  I opened the fridge to grab our lunches out and what is staring at me in the face, practically flashing in lights "YOU CANNOT EAT ME, SUCKA!!!"?

Ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese for lasagna.  Cottage cheese.  Sour cream.  Butter.  A block of Havarti cheese.  A fresh gallon of milk.

Totally awesome.

Thank you, GI tract for being such a pain in my hieny.

I want to eat my feelings, and I can't!

Wish me luck.

Take Luck,
But none of mine,

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