Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I feel like since I've been here - all I have done is complain and be Debbie Downer.  This trip has definitely been interesting, to say the least.  I think a lot of my phone calls/texts to Ryan have given him a some good laughs.

[1] I am staying at the Army Lodge.  It is more or less a crappy hotel.  I keep waiting for a cockroach or some other giant-mutant-bug to crawl out of a vent and across the floor.

[2] The bathroom is so small, I have to stand up on the toilet to shut the door.

[3] The shower has the least amount of water pressure.  Ever.  I have to stand on my tippy-toes to actually get my hair and body wet.  It reminds me of Elf when Buddy realizes that he is a human and flashbacks to how he (the giant human) has to shower in the elf-shower.


[4] I got chased/followed by a road runner.  Yup, they're real!


[5] I text Ryan on Tuesday morning saying, "I need to start running again.  I feel like I have four butt cheeks."

[6] Today I ate my lunch at a small picnic area outside the Lodge.  If anyone had been watching me - I'm sure they were laughing their hieny off.  Every rustle and sound make me jump off the bench and frantically look around.  I was keeping my eyes peeled for rattlesnakes, road runners, giant-mutant-bugs, or any other Arizona wildlife creature I concocted in my head.   

[7] I drove 20 miles after class today through B-F-Arizona to Tombstone to find that the "tourist attraction" apparently closes down at 5:00.

[8] Everyday I can't wait to get out of class.  But get out of class... To do what?  I hate just sitting in my room at the lodge (see [1]).  Apparently there is no pleasing me. 

Let's just say that I can't wait for Friday at 3:45 when I fly, fly away. 

Only two more days. 

I am such a wimp.

Take Luck,

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