Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No More Pink

It has finally happened. 

Our house used to be pink with a maroon/purpely trim.


I said used to be.

December 2009 - Lots of pink and purple
Front door
We have been wanting to paint this house since before we even closed escrow.  I think we even contemplated asking the previous owners to to paint the house as a condition of our purchase.  Just kidding.  But we knew right away that the atrocious paint color was something we would change and fast.

A year a half later...

We decided that it was finally time.  With our wedding last summer, all/most home upgrades and fixin's took a backseat to planning and hosting family.  We talked a lot about whether or not we wanted to paint it ourselves or have it professionally done.  Ryan's parents offered to help us paint it while they were here, but I didn't want them to spend their vacation painting a house.  How not fun would that be?  Although Ryan was up for the task of doing it ourselves, I ultimately made the decision to just get it done professionally.  I didn't want to deal with the hassle of prepping, buying all the materials, painting and all the clean up.  I wanted to go to work, come home in the afternoon, find our house a different color, and be done with it.

It pretty much happened that way. 

I got a call yesterday afternoon at work from the painting company that said they were at our house and ready to start.  I was bummed I didn't get a chance to take a good " before" picture, but we've been waiting for this for awhile (considering I blogged about this on my June 10 on 10), so I didn't feel like I could really complain.  And besides, I don't particularly want to remember what this house used to look like.

Backside, complete with taping

Front of the house - Work in Progress

Garage - Loving the color contrast
This evening, the project was completed.  We are so happy with the results - but really, anything was going to be better than the pink and purple combo.  

Ryan "cheersing" to the color from the front step

Loving it

This probably seems so stupid and really lame to be excited over, but this house color has been driving us crazy.  We don't even know what possessed the previous owners to choose to paint the house this color in the first place.  Pink is OK, and I love purple... But together?  And on a house?  That you live in?  No.  No, no, no.  

Ryan said that two of our neighbors have already commented on the paint job and how much of an improvement it is.


Take Luck,

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