Monday, October 12, 2015

Potty Training {Day Four}

Warning: This post is allllll about potty training.  Stop reading if you don't want to hear about my kid's bodily functions.  I'm writing this mainly so I can document progress and have something to look back on when we go down the potty training road with Zoey.

I know, I know.  I said that yesterday's recap would be my last.  But you guys - he's got it.

I was up with Zoey at 5:00 to nurse and had a hard time getting her to fall back asleep.  I had set my alarm for 6:00 so I could be awake before my little potty trainer.  Well, thank you Zoey, because the little man was awake at 6:00 on the dot, sitting at his door in a heavily wetted pull up chanting "Mommaaay!  Mommaaaaaaay!"

I retrieved him from his chambers and escorted him to the potty, but nothing.  I wasn't expecting anything but wanted to try so he knows that's what you do right after you wake up.

Two hours went by without any - no successes and no accidents and I was getting worried that he starting to rebel or something.  He finally went and I breathed a huge sigh of relief that maybe he was in fact "getting it."  He even pooped on the potty again!  Ryan has taught him to "shake off" the last of the pee once he's done and I'm not even kidding he sings "shake it off" to the tune of his favorite lady singer, Taylor Swift.

Ryan buzzed his head again and it was less traumatizing for me this time, thank God.  Afterwards I gave him a bath (where he promptly peed in the drain, and I counted that as a success!) and after that he insisted on running around the house in his "shark cape."

He went down for his nap (in a pull up) no problem and knocked my socks off when he woke up and it was dry.  Not only that but when I took him down to potty right after he woke up - he peed!  The dry pull up could have totally been a fluke, but whatever - I celebrated him and the accomplishment.

A couple times today, after successes, I even heard himself say "Keep 'em dry, bud" (talking about his undies) - so he is actually listening after all.

Did I mention during any of this that following the 3 Day Potty Training method means not leaving your home for three days?  You can imagine how stir crazy we were all getting having this little tornado child cooped up for four days.

My parents just got a new kitten so I thought it would be a good test to go over there and see how he did in a 15 minute car ride there, a visit, and the ride home. 

I was a little nervous when he said he had to go potty twice before we even left our neighborhood.

We got to my parent's house without any incidents or accidents and once inside he kept a death grip on the sweet, innocent kitten... That he kept calling "Nicey."  Her name is Macy.  Poor Macy couldn't decide if she wanted to play with him or hide from him.  Cam loves going over to his Grammy and Papa's and was quite rambunctious while we were visiting and I know it was because he was so excited to be out of the house.

My mom got Zoey out of her carseat and almost immediately said, "I think she pooped."  Not only did she poop, but she blew out her diaper and had poo all over her pants and onesie.  Mother of the year over packed two extra undies and a pair of shorts for Camden but not a darn thing for the spit up and I'm-going-to-poop-in-my-carseat-so-it-goes-up-and-errrywhere queen.  My mom was able to salvage the onesie by way of baby wipes and a lot of baby powder.

After whacking his head on the door frame of their bathroom, a success pee on the potty, and bonking his head on the coffee table - I decided it was time to call it a win and get back home.

We got home and had dinner - the usual.  He had two more successes on the potty after we got home from Mom and Dad's.  His last prize blew his little mind - a glow stick.

He was pretty excited about it.

Dare I say "he's done it!"?  I don't know, but shoot - today he continually told us he had to go potty, had many successes, and no accidents.  Part of me wants to see how tomorrow goes with him being back at daycare before completely shouting it from the rooftops, but the other part of me wants to say "hell frigging yeah, he's (daytime) potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!!"

End of Day Four tally:
#1 Successes: 8
#1 Accidents: 0
#2 Successes: 1
#2 Accidents: 0

If you're lucky (or is it unlucky?), I'll keep you posted on progress.  Let's just hope our daycare ladies follow our strategy and directions and that he doesn't completely undo all the progress we've made in the last four days.

Take Luck,

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