Friday, October 23, 2015

Camden Says / 06

I swear.  The things this kid comes up with just slay me.  Me and probably only me.

Reading his Washington ABC's book before bed.
Me: M is for (wooly) mammoth.
Cam: No, Mommy.  It's a mastodon.

(thank you, Bubble Guppies)

Ryan trying to encourage Camden to give me a compliment.
Ryan: (whispers) say, "Mommy, you're beautiful!" really loud.
Cam: Mommy, you're beautiful really loud!

In the car on Zoey's first day of daycare.
Me: Buddy, I want you to protect your baby sister and take care of her today if she's sad.  Can you help take care of her for me?
Cam: No, Mommy.  Ms. Debbie do it.

Turning on a play computer at daycare.
Cam: Hold on, I need my gwasses (glasses).

After Ryan found the lost iPad.
Cam: Thank you, Daddy.  You a sweet boy.

On our way to the doctor.
Cam: Where we going, Mommy?
Me: We are going to see Dr. Bronald!
Cam: Oh.  Where is Broctor Donald?

Hear's Zoey crying on the monitor after she woke up from a painfully short nap.
Cam: Mommy!  Baby Zoey crying!
Me: (trying to fold the last bit of laundry) I hear her buddy.
Cam: Go get her!!
(Cam and I go upstairs)
Cam: It's ok Baby Zo Zo.  We here.

Picked Cam up from daycare right as school-aged kids were getting off the school bus and he was very upsets that he didn't get to ride the school bus too.  Called my parents to report on the kids' day.
Cam: (hysterically crying)
Dad: What's wrong with my grandson?
Cam: (hysterical crying)
Me: He wanted to get on the school bus so he's not very happy right now.
Cam: (stops crying) Yes, I am!

Talking about best friends.
Cam: Mommy, you my best friend.
Me: (speechless because my heart skipped a beat and then melted) I am?!!!
Cam: Yeah!  And Bastian my best friend.  And Amber my best friend.  And Maddy my best friend.

In the elevator at the hotel in Hawaii, a Japanese woman bent down and spoke to him in Japanese.
Cam: What?! (emphasis on the T)

Also in the elevator at the hotel, he would strike up a conversation with any other people in there with us.
Cam: Hi!
Person: Hi, how are you?
Cam: I'm good.  I got swimming.  How you doin'?

If we were ever in the elevator alone.
Cam: There are no peoples in here.

In Hawaii and continuing his fascination with cities.
Me: What city are we in?
Cam: Honowuwu

A typical conversation in the car on the way to daycare.
Cam: I wike (like) sharks!
Me: I like sharks too!
Cam: I wike whales!
Me: I like whales too!
Cam: I wike polar bears!
Me: I like polar bears too!
Cam: I wike basketballs!

Learning the months of the year.
Cam: Januwawy (January), Febuwaway (February), March, June, Juwy (July), August, September, October, Novemberrrrrrrr!
Me: What about December?
Me: When is your birthday?
Cam: December ewebenth (eleventh)!

Hearing me use Siri to voice dial Ryan.
Me: Call Hubby.
Cam: One hubby, two hubby's, awotta (alotta) hubby's!

Talking about daycare/preschool friend's birthday that was celebrated.
Cam: Mommy, I want a present!
Me: What kind of present do you want?
Cam: A big one!

After Ryan buzzed his head for the second time.
Cam: (sees hair on the bathroom counter) Oh, no!  My hairs!

Talking about colors:
Me: What's your favorite color?
Cam: Blue cars.

Being a rascal in the car.
Cam: (removes socks and shoes, throws one sock at me while I'm driving)
Me: Please do not throw socks.
Cam: (throws second sock)
Cam: I'm funny.

Until next time.  And you know there will be a next time.

Take Luck,

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