Friday, January 2, 2015

Old Wives Tales

Our anatomy scan is on Monday morning.  My blessed OB let me schedule the appointment a week early (at 19 weeks) instead of waiting until the standard 20 weeks.  Ever since I scheduled the appointment, I have driven myself semi-crazy (as well as my close friends and family, I'm sure) speculating whether or not this babe is a boy or girl.

When I was pregnant with Camden, and at our 12 week ultrasound, the technician happened to spot some little testicles during her scan.  She said she just happened to catch baby in the right position and couldn't be anywhere near 100% sure, but that the baby could very well be a boy.  Knowing this made the weeks leading up to our 20 week ultrasound much less exciting than I had hoped.

My intuition tells me this is another boy, but really - I have no idea.  So, I thought it'd be fun to look at some of those crazy old wives tales that predict a baby's gender and see what they tell me.

Chinese Calendar: Girl

Heart rate - Above 140 or Below 140: Girl

Cravings - Sweet or Salty: Boy

Hair Growth on Legs - Slower or Faster: Girl

Emotions - Moody or Even KeeledBoy

Carrying Baby - High or Low: Boy

Belly - Wide or RoundBoy

Skin - Breakouts or Clear: Girl

Face - Round or Long and Lean: Boy

Headaches - No or YesGirl

Body Temperature - Feeling the same/warmer or ColderBoy

Ring on a String - Circular or Back and ForthBoy

I know I sound like a broken record, but looking back, I wish I had documented these predictions with Camden's pregnancy just to compare them to these.  I do remember doing the Chinese Calendar prediction with Camden's pregnancy and it said boy.

The biggest differences (or inconsistencies?) I see/remember are that Camden's heart rate was always above 140 and in the 145-150 range, I had slower hair growth on my legs, and awful breakouts on my face, neck, and back - all of which say it's a girl!  I remember feeling warmer in general with Camden's pregnancy - like he was my own personal space heater - and not this time!  Also, and perhaps the biggest hum-dinger is that with Camden I had a very dark linea nigra that went from my pubic bone up past my belly button.  This time, I have the fainted little line that only goes to my belly button.

You also hear that girls steal their mother's beauty.  That is totally debatable and I can't say for sure either way.  This mommy is has been feeling rather haggard lately.

Needless to say (because I've already said it), the anticipation is crazy and exciting.  This afternoon, I got my reminder call for my appointment and after the receptionist reminded me of the date and time, I wanted to say, "Yeah, there was no need to remind me.  This appointment has pretty much been tattooed on my forehead for the last five weeks."  Instead, I replied with a spritely, "I'll be there!"  

Either way, boy or girl - I will be happy and just want to see a healthy baby bouncing around in there.

I hate to wish the last of my vacation and the weekend away, but come on Monday!

Take Luck,

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  1. If you want to do a gender reveal photo shoot, let me know! I'd LOVE to do something. :)


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