Friday, January 23, 2015

Camden Says / 01

Every mother thinks their kid is cute and hilarious. I am no exception. 

Cam is pretty chatty. I'm amused by both the things he comes up with and how he says certain words. My hope is that some day he will be on the same level as Julia Patton. Although, this girl sets the bar mighty high. 

Talking about the baby in my belly...
Cam: (lifts up my shirt) Hi, baby!
Cam: (points to belly) Baby poo poo.
Cam: (pulls shirt back down) Baby cold. Brr! 

Trying to get him to get in the car to run an errand...
Me: Let's get in the car!
Cam: I drive!
Me: Uh, not today buddy.
Cam: Ok. Seat belts!

If he really wants to watch a movie or show and is denied, he will cock his head to the side and continue to repeat his request (and throw new ones out there in hopes that we will say yes) in a much higher-pitched voice than he normally speaks. "Bubble? Dora? Thomas? Movie? Monsters?" 

Anytime we are driving through a heavily wooded area he calls it the "rainfowest (rainforest)."

Hears any noise that he wasn't expecting....
Cam: (whips head around) What that noise?

During diaper or clothes changes he always asks for "wotion (lotion)" and says "I eat it. Dewicious (delicious)." I oblige his request with a small dab of lotion on his palm and say "Do not eat it. It is not delicious. It just smells delicious." And then he scrunches up his face when he "eat it" and it is indeed NOT dewicious. 

They must be praying at daycare because at dinner time last night he folded his hands, put his head down on the table (literally) and said, "Mommy, Daddy, Jesus, Amen."

Loves brushing his teeth - especially at bedtime. He asks for his "teepbrush  (toothbrush)" and his "poopaste (toothpaste)."

I cannot make this stuff up people. 

Cam has also started to tell me to "go away."  This is usually when I'm trying to get him to eat more breakfast/lunch/dinner.  For the record I do not find this cute or funny.  Just heartbreaking.

Take Luck,

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