Monday, August 26, 2013


- I've been noticing that way too many men have bigger boobs than me. This is not OK.

- I've been slightly obsessed with finding deals on Groupon, finding things we "need" on, and reading this Camp Patton blog. 

- I find myself looking around at all of Camden's toys (wondering why on earth we have them all) while he's busy playing with an empty water jug, a comb, an empty laundry basket, and the television remote.

-  I'm cursing the process of teething.  Someone has two top teeth that have totally poked through (he's no longer a one-toothed-hillbilly), one that is just starting to break through and another that is close behind.  Like I said, cursing teeth.

- I've been noticing that Camden is looking older and will whine about this travesty to anyone that will listen.  Seriously, he woke up from a two hour nap this afternoon and practically looked like a toddler.

- I'm feeling thankful that both my mother and mother-in-law don't try and tell me/us how to raise Camden.  They'd give their opinion if we asked for it, I'm sure.  But lately, it seems they leave the open opinions and "guidance" to strangers and people who think I give a damn what they think.

- I was watching my baby video and was admiring how fantastic and put-together my mom looked when bringing me home from the hospital.  Her hair was done and her makeup was on.  Then, there's me.  I wore nothing but yoga pants and nursing cami's for weeks (OK, months), and just generally looked like hell.  Next time, Momma.  Next time.

Take Luck,


  1. Don't forget that I knew Steve was coming to video tape our journey home... I had to look camera-ready. :)

  2. He is SO cute! I hope the teething gets better!

  3. omg. i'm so obsessed with camp patton blog as well! so glad you shared it with me :))


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