Thursday, August 22, 2013

Embrace the Camera - 8/22/13

I've been participating in Marta's monthly walk/running challenges for over a year now.  The past several months, I've brought a little buddy along to conquer the miles - usually in our beloved jogging stroller.

On Monday, someone was feeling less than stellar (I assume having three teeth trying to poke through at once might make any reasonable person irritable) and quite clingy, so instead of strapping him into the jogging stroller for what was sure to be a short walk, I grabbed the baby carrier and strapped him to me.

My little partner was making all sorts of little grunting noises at all the things he was seeing from an upright position.  He loved it.

I decided that carrying a 17+ pound baby for two miles qualified as weight lifting, too.

Go embrace the camera with someone you love!

Take Luck,

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