Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wedding Party Crasher

Like most people, I hadn't attended many weddings prior to my 20's.

That said, I never really thought about asking the bride questions regarding her dress, colors, and decorating choices once I started attending more weddings.  When my best friend, Tiff, got married, I was a bridesmaid, so I knew her colors and d├ęcor plans, and I was wearing a particular dress - making it super easy.

Soon after, I had a little experience I like to call, "That Time I Wore the Same Color Dress as the Bridesmaids... And I Wasn't One."

Now, you may be thinking - no biggy.  Now, let me tell ya - this experience happened while attending the wedding of my future-sister-in-law*.
*Cara, you should know this has nothing to do with me not being in your wedding party.  You hardly knew me then, sister.

Cara and Ryan's wedding was set for August.  I didn't know Cara very well yet, and Ryan and I were not engaged - so I was not at all surprised or offended that I would be attending this wedding as a guest. 

While vacationing in Hawaii in June (and after a few cocktails), I went with Mom and Rachel to the mall on Ala Moana in search for a dress that I would wear to this wedding.  I clearly remember making a statement along the lines of, "I need a dress.  And I need to look goooooood."  The choice came down to two.  One was teal with a native print (totally fashion forward at the time!), and the other was a solid navy blue that fit quite perfectly. 

Solid navy blue was the winner.  And it was less expensive.  Duh.

Fast forward.  To the next day.  Ryan proposes.  I say yes.  We are engaged.

Now I am even more excited to look goooooood in my navy blue dress.  And my engagement ring.

Fast forward.  To Cara and Ryan's wedding day.  Remember when I said that I never really thought about asking the bride questions regarding her dress, colors, and decorating?  Yeah, I really, really, really should have done that.  'Cuz I looked like a fool when on the wedding day, I stood there watching Cara and her friends get gorgeous and then realized I was wearing the exact same color dress as her bridesmaids.  

Beautiful bride and bridesmaids.  In navy blue.
I wasn't a bridesmaid... But I sure as hell looked like I was trying to be.  And I wasn't.  Wasn't trying to be.  It was so incredibly embarrassing.  Instead of being a Wedding Crasher, I felt like a Wedding Party Crasher!

Cara (bless her heart), being the wonderful lady that she is said I was an honorary bridesmaid.  It made me feel better and even more dumb at the same time.

Honorary, people!  With Doug, the photobomber.

So now, especially if I am close with the bride, I make sure I ask those questions regarding her dress, colors, and decorating choices because I sure as shit do not want to have that experience ever, ever, ever again.

My college roommate (and also best friend), Becky is getting married in November, so just the other day we were texting and I specifically asked what colors her bridesmaids are wearing.  Her response was, "Black.  But it's ok if you want to wear a black dress too!"

Ha!  No, no, my dear.

I think I'll wear neon green or pink.  That way there's no mistake.

Take Luck,


  1. This happened to me with a teal dress--I figured teal would be so far out of the color spectrum that it wouldn't matter, and then the bride ended up having teal and bright red as her colors. Luckily, my teal was differently shaded and I wore my hair down so I didn't look too closely like them, although some family members asked who I was. Oops.


  2. PS: You're right, that navy dress looks bomb on you!

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  4. My funny memory about that dress was when we were shopping for it and I almost blew the surprise that Ry was going to propose. I don't remember exactly what I said - but it was something like "not everyone gets to come to Hawaii and get engaged" .. and then I'm fairly certain I tried everything I could to back out of that statement. I also remember you calling me from Illinois after the wedding and telling me about the dress issue. I doubt that Cara cared at all. :)

  5. This story makes me laugh & want to cry at the same time!! I. Adore. You. If only my brother would have brought you into our lives a little sooner. I love that picture of you w/ Doug in the background!! I like to think I could just photoshop you right into a wedding party picture. You are my one & only sister. I love you.


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