Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Lately

- After one particularly bad night's sleep, Ryan offered to exclusively get up with Camden the next night.  I really had to pee in the middle of this particular night, but refused to get out of bed purely based on principle.

- I've come to realize that the raging Downton Abbey is in fact Downton Abbey... And not Downtown Abbey.

- Am finding myself very amused by this "fashion" blog written as the voice of Suri Cruise. 


- I revealed that when I think Camden is about to take his first steps - I'm going to push him down in hopes of discouraging his growing up.  Just kidding... Er, sort of.

- Am finding myself dreading Thursday's because of our evening women's softball league games.  I just want to come home and be home.  But, I really need to change my tude because we got alotta games left.     

- I had been waiting impatiently for the Fit Bit Flex to be released.  We ordered one and they've been sitting at Best Buy since Sunday.  So, seeing as it's Thursday... I am either really good at containing my excitement.  Or very lazy.  And if I'm lazy - I just paid $99 for a black wrist band to tell me so.

Take Luck,

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