Friday, May 3, 2013

Tiffany & Joseph

One of my favorite things about softball (and growing up playing sports in general) is the many, many friendships that I have as a result.

Tiffany and I had played softball with or against each other forever.

She says she didn't like to pitch to me as a hitter.  But I will tell you that I hated (repeat, hated) facing her as a pitcher.  She was something else, folks.

We both had dreams of playing Division 1 softball, and our years of hard work paid off.  I went to SIU and she went on to Florida State.  Oddly (and fortunately) enough, we got to see each other almost every year during softball season.  SIU went down to play in a tournament at FSU twice in those four years, and other times we would just happen to be playing at the same pre-season tournament.

Here we are our freshman year.  Looking real good after the last game of the tournament.
Florida State University, 2005

After college we lost touch a bit (Tiffany stayed in Florida and I came back to Washington), but were friends on good old Facebook, so could keep up with each other.

Well, wouldn't you know that in June of 2012, Tiffany posted a little belly bump picture with a note that she was expecting Baby K on December 17th.  At the time, I hadn't shared our pregnancy news on social media yet but was ECSTATIC to see that our due dates were one day apart.  We started e-mailing and texting back and forth and it was so awesome to be able to talk with someone who was going through the exact things you were.  We talked about how we were feeling, baby registries, names... Everything.  Soon, we found out that we would both be expecting boys!  Wee!  Our pregnancies progressed, and due to measuring big, Tiffany and her husband decided to schedule a cesarean for Baby Joseph on December 11th (their anniversary!). 

On December 10th, when I started active labor, I remember (briefly) thinking, "Tiffany is having her c-section tomorrow morning.  Maybe we'll have our babies on the same day!"  And whattya know?  Camden James and Joseph Lenn were both born on December 11th.


In March, Tiffany and sweet Joseph flew to Washington to visit Tiffany's parents.  You know we had to get these babies (not to mention the mama's!) together for a little visit.

Here we are. Tiffany is holding Camden and I am holding Joseph.

I'm not sure the boys knew what to think of each other, but I'm confident they will be good friends some day!


The visit was so special.  Tiffany's parents were able to join and we all got to catch up.  Just like with our pregnancies, Tiffany and I got to talk about and compare Joseph and Camden's sleeping and eating habits, milestones, stories, and of course - Mamahood.

I am so grateful that we have gotten to go through this experience together.  If nothing else, I have someone who completely understands and sympathizes with how quickly these baby boys (and precious moments) are flying by.

Sending love from Washington to Florida!

Take Luck,

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