Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan for Dear Monday!

Dear Monday, Even a three-day weekend wasn't enough rest for me to be able to come at you full force.  We'll try again next week.

Dear Fall Semester, Ugh. Up until today I felt motivated and ready for the semester to begin. My motivation has quickly faded and I am now intimidated after reading through my syllabi. Why did I want to go back to school, again?

Dear Ocean Get-Away, You were far more relaxing than either Ryan or I anticipated.  Strolling on the beach, searching for sand dollars, and just chatting was exactly what I needed.

The lovebirds

Pretty sand ripples
Dear Brock & Sonny, Apparently this morning I failed to close the cage doors before leaving for work.  Luckily Grandpa came to check on you.  Oopsie.

Dear Florida and Favorite In-Laws, Only two and a half weeks until our vaca.  This lady is super excited.

Dear Hubby, I'd say that yesterday you had the man day of man day's. You purchased a new set of golf clubs and ate crab legs at Hooters. It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Take Luck,


  1. Hang in there with school...
    I am going through the same thing and I can totally relate.

  2. Ryan took his pregnant wife to Hooters?! Come on, Ry, take advantage of the fact that preggo Lauren finally has boobs!

  3. You're seriously gorgeous. Can we please get together soon? :)


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