Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Ohhh, lately.  A lot has been going on lately.

Lately, a successful night's sleep is one where I don't get up to use the bathroom.  Some nights, I'm even happy if I only get up once.

Lately, a successful grocery shopping experience is one where I don't start sweating profusely and almost pass out.

And lately, I've noticed more people's (both men and women) eyes traveling south to my tummy region while in conversation.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I somewhat know how women with big(ger) chests might feel.  Only I think some of these folks are wondering if I'm pregnant or just packing on pounds.  I like to let them ponder.

Other than the extreme funk that lasted somewhere between weeks six and seven, and the fatigue that just won't leave - this pregnancy has been easier than I imagined, and perhaps, dare I say, enjoyable.

From day one, it was important to me to take care of myself.  I know that sounds silly, but it's true.  I exercise (OK, brisk walk!) everyday and don't over-indulge.  Don't get me wrong -  I eat all day long (literally) and allow myself to indulge when I really have a hankering for something indulgent, but I am not just "eating whatever I want" "because I can."

At our 20 week appointment, the nurse even told me that I have a runner's blood pressure.  Holler.

I'm trying to be disciplined for a few reasons.

[1] I'm convinced that exercising is helping my fatigue.  I can't imagine how I would feel if I wasn't walking everyday.

[2] I've read and been told that staying healthy and "fit" will make for an easier labor and delivery.

and [3] I'm hoping that staying healthy and "fit" will make for a smoother transition post-baby.

I feel so grateful and fortunate to have felt as good as I have during this pregnancy, because I know that a lot of women really struggle with prolonged or excessive morning sickness, high blood pressure, fatigue, and other fun symptoms that come along with pregnancy.

Today, at the realization that as of tomorrow, we will be 4 months away from our due date - I had a minor "What the hell are we doing?" freakout.

Thankfully, it quickly passed and I realized we know exactly what we're doing.  Well, that's not true at all - but you know what I mean.

I'm sure this is the first of several minor-holy-crap-we're-having-a-baby-freakout moments.

The last (and most major) of which will surely take place when that baby boy gets placed in my arms.

What?  Now I'm responsible for this little life?!  Gah!

Take Luck,

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  1. It sounds like you are already a great mommy by how well you are taking care of yourself for that sweet little boy you are carrying. I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to see pictures of him. God bless you guys!!!


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