Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan for Dear Monday!
Dear Monday, There's something about knowing a 4-day weekend is upon me that makes you much more bearable.

Dear Bananas, While you are certainly helping kick my new-found leg cramps, I do not appreciate you rubbing your scent off on my crackers.  Banana flavored Ritz are no beuno.

Dear Joann's Employee, After looking (with no success) for chevron fabric for baby's crib skirt, I decided to approach you and ask for help.  When asked, "Do you have any red or navy blue chevron fabric?" you responded, "Like, the car?"  Oh, Lordy.  Let the crafting Gods help you... And me.

Dear Hurricane Issac, Please lay off the Gulf Coasters and do not disrupt our upcoming vaca to Destin.

Dear Food Aversion, I'm beginning to shy away from food that is warm/hot and really gravitate towards cold stuff.  Weird.

Dear Life, I think I've had enough of your lessons and reminders for one year.  Thanks.

Dear Hubby, While you were golfing on Saturday, I would receive random texts from you.  Most of them including some variation of, "Babe. These clubs are awesome."  So happy you are happy with a big purchase that you deserved.

Take Luck,

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  1. Ha! Your chevron comment made me giggle. Oh, boy!


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