Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Monday

The weekends fly far too fast, bringing Monday's here way too soon.

Oh, well.  Time to write some letters with Megan!


Dear Monday, Five and a half hour meetings are just not cool.  Especially on a Monday.  OK, especially on any day.

Dear Sweet Puppy,  I know you will be the most perfect fit into the Haas family... Which is quickly becoming the House of Wieners.  You are so sweet and adorable, and now you just need a name!  You had a brother named Burrito, so I hope my suggestion of Quesadilla will be seriously considered.

Dear Pen in Laundry, I curse the day you were born... Er, manufactured!  Yes, it was my fault that I failed to check my own pockets pre-wash-and-dry, but why did you have to ruin so many good work clothes? 

Dear Glorious Weather, Please, please, please stick around! 

Dear Systems Engineering, I am trying very hard to stay motivated and keep a positive attitude but it is getting more and more challenging as we get closer to the semester's end.  The light is still looking small at the end of the tunnel.

Dear Hubby, Sometimes you go on a cleaning frenzy and it is totally out of the blue.  I appreciate these bursts more than I can say.  Plus, you look so cute with a Swiffer Duster in your hand.

Take Luck,


  1. What a CUTE CUTE CUTE little puppy! I'm diggin' your suggestion for a name :-)

    Isn't it seriously the greatest thing when the Hubby's do some housework!? I was having a particularly awful day last week and woke up to a spotless kitchen. Man, that's love right there! haha!

    Happy Monday Lauren!

    1. Hubby + Housework = Happy wife. Who would have thought that I would feel loved by him dusting and vacuuming. Men... :)

  2. I love Quesadilla! Tooooo cute!

    Bummer about the work clothes :( On the bright side, I totally think this means you should treat yourself to some replacement clothes! Yes?

    1. Yes! And can you believe it took Ryan bringing this to my attention for me to realize it?!?!?! What is wrong with me?!

  3. OH NO! So sorry about the pen in the washing machine. GRR. You think the water would have diluted it or something. Arg!

    1. I love, and I mean truly love that you said GRR and Arg in the same comment :)

  4. That is the cutest puppy!! I NEED ONE! :)


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