Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kitchen Flubs

Kitchen flubs are one of my pet peeves.

It is so frustrating to put the money and time into planning for and preparing a meal for Ryan and I, and then be disappointed in the results.

I have told Ryan from Day 1 (OK, maybe Day 10 when I first cooked for him) that I would much rather he be honest with me if he doesn't like something that I make - because ultimately he would be the one who suffered and have to continue to eat it.

Unfortunately, kitchen flubs have happened more than once this past week.

A few nights ago, I went out of my cooking-comfort-zone and put chicken enchiladas on the menu. 

The recipe was pretty simile, although long.

The end result wasn't bad, but I was disappointed and mostly ate the innards (chicken, tomato, corn, onion and chilies) after discarding the tortilla.  For those of you who know me - you know that this behavior isn't too uncommon... But still.

Chicken enchilada fail.

Ryan assured me that he enjoyed it - and within the next few days the pan of enchiladas.

After consulting our menu for the week and the groceries we bought today, I decided to make tuna casserole.

Easy.  Fast.  Yum factor = High.

I fixed Ryan his plate and while I was in the kitchen fixing myself a plate, Ryan said, "Have you tried yours yet?"

Translation: This is bad and you don't want to try this.


Tuna casserole fail.

The worst part was that after trying to dish for myself and concurring with Ryan's assessment of the dish - neither of us could figure out what the problem was or why it tasted "weird."

Ryan also mentioned more than once, "I hope we don't get food poisoning."

So, needless to say that I am feeling more that inadequate in the cooking department this evening.

Normally, I do just fine and can whip up some good meals.  Certainly not a master chef by any means, but I satisfy us and keep our tummies full.

Have you had any cooking or baking fails lately?

Did your husband or boyfriend fear that you were poisoning him?

I would love to hear I'm not alone.

Take Luck,

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  1. How do you ruin tuna casserole? Was it out of the box? If so, maybe your milk is spoiled, because I had that happen to me once.

    If you want to learn how to cook, I bet you and Ry could cook in the kitchen together! ;) Then, if you "flub," you both feel responsible and nobody feels at fault!


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