Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Monday

Another Monday is here.  Time for Dear Monday with Megan.

Dear Monday, Does it seem counter-productive that I write this at the end of the day... Instead of at the beginning?  Nah.

Dear Presentation, Please pass smoothly and quickly tomorrow, and with no questions asked.

Dear Exercise, Even though I feel more motivated to partake in you when I am otherwise indisposed (ahem, at work), I am always happy when we've finished our time together.

Dear Sonny, This morning I was convinced that you were on crack.  Tearing through the house at 4:00am is not cool.

Dear Christmas Music, You brighten any mood.

Dear 11/22/63, I am hooked on you.  I am even dragging out my reading so I can keep reading your goodness!  Well done, Stephen King.  Well done.

Dear Hubby, Last night I opened our "junk" drawer to find that you had unwrapped a new pack of gum.  How did I know this?  Because you left the empty wrapper in the drawer.  When I pointed this out to you, you tried to blame it on Brock and said that he has bad breath and needed a piece of gum.  You are so silly.  And unbelievable.

Take Luck,

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