Friday, December 23, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Since I didn't work a single day this week, I had to be reminded by my Hubby that today is Friday.
Time to fill in some blanks with Lauren!

[1] The best way to spread Christmas cheer is "... by singing loud for all to hear!"  Duh.  Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color??  I could go on and on. 

[2] The thing I love most about Christmas is Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and giving gifts.

 [3] The holiday season is time for love, family, sharing, celebrating, and thinking of others. 

[4] My favorite thing to eat at the holidays is Grammy's salad and puppy chow. 

[5] I will be spending Christmas with my Hubby and family.  Christmas Eve will be at my aunt and uncle's, then Ryan, Brock, Sonny and I will be having a slumber party at my parents' so we are ready for stockings and gifts on Christmas morning! 

[6] Tis better to (give or receive?) Give.  I love trying to find special gifts for our family (sometimes too much), and I usually have a hard time keeping my secrets... Secrets. 

[7] I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.  Not likely. 

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas, or whatever holiday you may celebrate.  

Take Luck,


  1. They changed the weather to possible snow on Christmas -- so it might be a white Christmas! =)

  2. I love the new picture you put on your blog cover ----
    Happy Holidays.


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