Monday, April 4, 2011

Cry Baby

I don't know why I do this to myself, but sometimes I just can't help but pop in a sappy, emotionally charged, love story-chick flick.  Most of the time, it doesn't seem to matter if I have seen this film once, twice or ten times... But I will cry like a little lady.  This past weekend I did this to myself not once, but twice.  I watched Nights in Rodanthe and Charlie St. Cloud. 

Oh, boy.

I should have known better.  Ryan and I saw Nights in Rodanthe in the movie theater.  (I should add on a side note that this was early in our relationship so I think he was still trying to score brownie points wherever he could :)  Anyway, at the theater I sobbed, sobbed and sobbed.  The movie ended and I was still crying.  We had to wait until the other moviegoers left the theater before I said it was OK to get up.  Fast forward to Friday, and picture me laying on our couch watching Diane and Richard in Nights in Rodanthe, crying, holding onto Sonny because she was going to make everything OK. 

Saturday I took Ryan to work in the morning, stopped at the Red Box on the way home and grabbed Bride Wars (I had to have something to off-set the emotions that Nights in Rodanthe put in place).  I ended up watching Charlie St. Cloud on TV, and jeepers.  It about ripped my heart out and I was in pretty much the same predicament that I was in on Friday (couch, crying, squeezing Sonny for comfort).

This whole thing got me thinking about those movies that no matter how many times I've watched, they get the water works flowing.  And here is my list:
The Patriot
Pearl Harbor
The Land Before Time
P.S. I Love You
My Sister's Keeper
A Walk to Remember
The Notebook
Nights in Rodanthe
(damn you, Nicholas Sparks!!)

What movies (if any) make you emotional or "weepy"?  I would love to hear that I am not alone... :)

Take Luck and Kleenex,


  1. Oh no! I just got Charlie St. Cloud in the mail from Netflix. Maybe I should wait until I'm having a really bad day so I can bawl...

    The movies that always make me cry include:

    -Titanic (feel you on that one; I used to have nightmares from the frozen baby in the water)
    -A Walk to Remember ('cuz Mandy Moore plays the role perfectly)
    -Shawshank Redemption ('cuz Brooks dying breaks my heart every time)
    -The Power of One (they killed his chicken!)
    -Up (Note: not a good movie if your bf just died)
    -Any episode of Extreme Home: Makeover Edition (it is touching, okay?!)

  2. Sar, do not worry. Charlie St. Cloud was a good movie, and I am glad I watched it... But choose the timing wisely :) I totally forgot about Shawshank and The Power of One (which I am proud to say we own, yeah!). I totally feel you on the Extreme Home Makeover, too. I had to stop watching because I couldn't NOT cry. Thanks for your comment :) HUGS!!


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