Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Desparately Seeking Warmth

Meet Sonny Jo, our 2 year old mini-dachshund

She is a funny little creature.  She is so sweet and loving, but definitely has a wild, very mischievous and very stubborn side to her little 12 pound body.  Since Sonny is so mischievous, she gets to wear her "jingle jangle" at all times.  The "jingle jangle" is so we can hear her... Wherever she may be.  This was especially essential while we were living with my parents and she would go into the backyard and try to sneak out through the holes in the fence.  Good thing Grandpa loves you so much and would crawl around in the ivy trying to patch all those holes, little lady!  She keeps us on our toes, to say the least.

One of my favorite things about little Sonny is her want, no... need for warmth.  As I am typing this she just stole the fleece blanket from Brock and got all curled up underneath it.  She will stop at nothing to steal a blanket or hop in a basket of laundry that's fresh out of the dryer (yes, I am serious).

Her greatest attempt at seeking warmth comes thanks to our heating vents scattered around the house.  Her favorite is the baseboard heating in the kitchen.  Sonny is so smart, that she knows when the heat is coming out of the vent, and when it isn't.  As soon as the heat turns off, she moves onto a blanket or some other warm spot in the house (usually my lap).  But as soon as the heat kicks back on - she is gone again and back in her little spot.

The funniest thing about her heat seeking is the noises she makes while she's laying on (or in front of) the heating vents.  All you hear are moans and grunting coming out of her little body.  It's almost like she's saying, "Oh yeah, that feels niiiiiice!!"  Ryan thinks its annoying but I find it hysterical and endearing.

We love our Sonny Bunny. 

Take Luck,

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  1. Little Sonny Jo Jo is such a dear.... those are really cute pictures and you described her perfectly.


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