Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adventures in Dog-Sitting

While my parents are in Hawaii for the week (jerks...), Ryan and I are dog-sitting their mini-dachshund puppy, Teddy.  Their older mini-dachshund, Dexter got to stay at home because he is grumpy, ornery, party-pooper.  Whenever we go over to my mom and dad's, Brock and Sonny get to go too so they are well socialized with Miss Teddy and Dexter.  However, the tables were turned when she entered their turf.

Meet Teddy.  Sweet Teddy Ruxbin.

This is what happens when these three pups get together.  WWWE (Wiener World Wrestling Entertainment) breaks loose.  All sweetness temporarily escapes these two "ladies."  Teeth are bared, and through their barking and growling you can faintly here taunting.  

Brock acts as the referee sometimes, but he gets his fair share of ring time too

It has been an interesting, eventful and entertaining few days, to say the least.  They like to shove/bump each other over who snuggles on my lap, or who gets to lay in front of the baseboard heater.  Who doesn't love the scampering of 8 little and 4 big legs on the hardwood floors, obnoxious barking every time a doorbell rings on the TV (which by the way should be outlawed...) and three maniacs staring at me with googly-eyes from underneath the cutting board while making dinner?? 

In all honesty, I do :)  Well except for the barking at the doorbells on TV.

I took the three of them on a walk yesterday, and I got more exercise than they did just by trying to keep their leashes straight.  Our dear Sonny made the walk interesting from the get-go by wriggling out of her collar and barreling through the yard, across the street and down four or five houses.  I just love her.  Our neighbors probably got a real chuckle out of seeing me running down the street with two dogs and an empty collar yelling at her.  She knows just how to make an ass out of me.  Sonny just kept on running and scampering, turning around every so often, as if to say "Ha Ha.  Got ya!"   

I guess it's all worth it at the end of the day when they are finally too tired to wrestle...
Give them until 4:30 tomorrow morning... They'll be back at it.

Take Luck,

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  1. haha! too cute! i've totally been there with Wrigley running loose. he lets me get about a foot away and then he sprints off, stops & lets me get close again before he runs away. i love my dog ;)


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