Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Day with Kennedy

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with my niece, Kennedy, who turns 3 next week!!  She calls me Nonen and I affectionately call her Kenny.

I lost count of how many times she asked, "Where's Ryan?"  And I had to tell her, "Uncle Ryan's at work, babe."  She loves Ryan, big 'ol Brocky (who just wants to kiss and lick the poor girl) and Sonny, who she calls "her baby."  We had a fun filled morning...

We went to Blueberry Park
We came home and had some lunch
She is certainly a Haas girl - loves her some chips and sour cream :)

We colored

She got kisses and loves from Broccoli

We danced to the "Gummy Bear Song" and "Boom Boom Pow"

And we sang along to "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry
(I don't know how she knows the words to this depressing song, but she does!)

On the way to drop her off, she said the sun was "hurting her," so I pulled over and gave her my sunglasses.  Could she be any cuter?
I don't think so.

This was the scene after Miss Kenny left us...
They were pooped puppies
And so was I :)

Take Luck,

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