Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Camden Says / 07

I haven't done a Camden Says installment since October.  Clearly some of these are old but too good to go unshared.

As always, I fully acknowledge that these will probably only be funny to me.  And my mom.

Seeing me pump.
Cam: (points to my chest) What are those?
Me: Boobies.
Cam: Birdies?
Me: No, boobies.
Cam: Oh, boobies.  For baby Zo Zo.

Seeing me preparing to nurse Zoey.
Cam: (lifts shirt) I feed Zo Zo with my boobies.

Wants his back and tummy scratched every night before bed and insists that it's done "soooofwwwwwwy (softly)."

When Zoey coughs and doesn't cover her mouth.
Cam: Mommy!!!  She didn't cover her mowf (mouth)!

When Zoey starts getting loud in the car.
Cam: No yelling, Zo Zo!

Asking a friend what she was going to be for Halloween.
Me: What will you be for Halloween?
Girl: A fairy!
Cam: Ohhhh, a ferry boat?!

Talking about boys and girls.
Cam: I'm a boy.  Daddy's a boy.  Mommy is a squirrel aaaaaand Zo Zo's a squirrel.

Trying to get him to sit down in a chair.
Grammy: What is your bottom for?
Cam: Going poo poo.

Learning anatomy.
Cam: (points to privates) what's that?
Ryan: That's your scrotum.
Cam: Oh, that's my frotum.

Talking about turning three.
Cam: I not one or two.  I free.

Describing something.
Cam: It's kinda wike a......

Asking about his day.
Me: What did you do at school today?
Cam: I went potty (long pause) a lot.

Talking about his new Polar Express t-shirt.
Cam: What's this boy's name?
Me: I don't know.  What do you think his name is?
Cam: Carnivore.

Going through Washington alphabet book.
Me: P is for peninsula.
Cam: No, P is for Pocahontas.

Ryan swatted me on the bottom.
Cam: No, daddy!  Do not hurt my mommy!

Discussing politics.
Ryan: Cam, are you a democrat?
Cam: No.
Ryan: OK, are you are a republican?
Cam: Yeah, I'm a pumpkin.

Learning volume control.
Cam: (yells/screams) yeah!
Me: Don't yell, bud.
Cam: Mommy, I just trying to say yeah.

Loves the Polar Express.
Cam: The Polar Express is coming to my house today!

Listening ears.
Me: Are your listening ears on?
Cam: No.  Hold on a second.
Cam: (makes "boop boop" robot sound while touching ears) OK, my ears are on.  I'm listening.

Bob the Minion.
Me: It's your great-grandpa's birthday today!  Let's call him!
Cam: My great papa?
Me: Yes, great grandpa Bob!
Cam: He's a Minion?

Responding to an answer to any one of his million questions.
Cam: Ohhhhhhhhhhh, OK!

Random shark talk.
Cam: There's a shark in that yellow house!
Me: There is?  What is it doing?
Cam: Sharking.

Calls Great Clips (where he gets his hair cut) "grapes."  I think he's combining "Great" and "Clips."

Daycare focuses on a letter of the alphabet each week and they sing a song about it.  We hear a lot of "J is a consonant in the alphabet! J, J, J, J, J!"

Daycare also has a theme for each week and recently they were learning about planets.  Thanks to a super cute You Tube video about the sun, he was walking around singing, "I'm so hot, I'm so hot.  Check me out, check me out."

We've started telling each other stories at bedtime.  All of his stories start with "Once upon a time..."

Take Luck,

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