Friday, April 29, 2016

Taking Stock / 05

I haven't done a Taking Stock post since September.  Zoey was only 3 months old and I had just returned to work from maternity leave.  It feels like forever ago.

Making: chocolate chip cookies.

Cooking: salmon and vegetables for dinner. 

Drinking: Starbucks Defense Up and trying not to think about the sugar content.

Reading: just finished After You by JoJo Moyes (sequel to Me Before You)

Wanting: to win the lottery.

Looking: forward to a possible Disneyland trip in January.

Playing: baseball with Cam.  This kid is getting good.

Wishing: my babies would stay babies forever.

Enjoying: watching Cam and Zoey interact with each other.

Loving: when they make each other laugh.

Pondering: age appropriate and fun soccer drills for Camden's soccer team to do next week.

Considering: which book to start next and I have no idea.

Watching: Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Impractical Jokers, and Lip Sync Battle.

Needing: a whole new wardrobe.  This could also fall under "wanting."

Wearing: my black and white Converse and feeling super hip.  OK, semi hip.

Following: Game of Thrones and Walking Dead fan theories.

Noticing: Cam's imagination really starting to take off.

Admiring: anyone who is not hair and makeup inept like myself. 

Sorting: summer clothes for the kids.      

Buying: all the June & January because I am obsessed and need an intervention.

Getting: excited to chaperone Cam's preschool field trip to the zoo in a few weeks.

Bookmarking: first birthday party ideas for Zo.  

Disliking: that I only just learned there is a big difference between sunscreen and sunblock.

Feeling: all the feelings about Zoey's upcoming first birthday.  Never has a year passed faster.

Snacking: on peanut butter M&M's.  Don't tell Cam.

Coveting: a reasonably priced and effective anti-aging facial moisturizer.

Wishing: I was not so hair and makeup inept.

Helping: Cam understand that the big bad wolf will not blow our house down no matter how much he huffs and puffs.

Hearing: this song and laughing hysterically when Zoey immediately starts "dancing."  PS.  Maybe don't watch the video unless you just want to see J. Lo's booty.

Take Luck,

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