Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zoey - 10 Months

We've entered double-digit months and I am feeling all the feelings.  This is such a fun age, but I would honestly be OK if this next month dragged a little tiny bit.

- Still a petite little peanut.  And I cannot tell you how many strangers say, "is she small for her age?" I can never think of a sassy rebuttal so if you think of one - please let me know.  I'd guess she's somewhere between 17 and 18 pounds.

- Slowly fitting into her 9 month and 6-12 month wardrobe.  We roll a lot of pant legs.

- Speaking of wardrobe.  I am having a lot of fun dressing her.

- So happy.  And chill.  And wins "favorite child of the day" almost daily.  Just kidding.

- Has two crawling speeds - leisure and turbo.  The difference is what she does with her head.  If it's up, she's in leisure mode and if it's down, she's gone turbo.

- Pulls herself up and climbs on everything.

- Will sometimes cruise along the furniture.

- Uses the little push car to "walk" but hasn't figured out that her knees bend so she looks a little like a young Forrest Gump.

- I thought having a girl would mean a more sedentary baby (compared to Cam) but I was very, very, very wrong.  In fact, she might even be busier than he was at this age.  And he was walking.  So, that's frightening.

- Now has four teeth - two on the top and two on the bottom.

- Overnight sleep and naps continue to be good.  Every once in awhile she will protest her afternoon nap.

- Is loud.  She is constantly babbling and letting you know that you are in her presence.  

- Says "uh oh," but not really.  She repeats us by saying "ah ahhhh" and does the inflections with her little voice without actually saying the words.

- Puts all the things in her mouth.  Paper, rocks, chalk, twigs, beauty bark, dog food, grass, whatever.

- Other than hard boiled eggs, she hasn't met a food she didn't like.

- Baths are her love language.

- Has earned the nickname "bootylicious" because girlfriend has junk in her trunk.

- If you take something away from her, she will dramatically put her head face down on the floor.

- Finds Camden absolutely hysterical and wants to do whatever he is doing.  Despite our demands that he be gentle with her, he can get quite rough.  She tolerates it because it means he's paying attention to her.  

Oh, Zo Zo.  I love you so.

Take Luck,

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