Thursday, August 27, 2015

Camden Says / 05

I swear that within two days of hitting "publish" on my last Camden Says, my little man had already given me enough material for another post.  Alas, I restrained myself.  Until now.

When trying to be helpful and put Zoey's pacifier in her mouth.
Cam: Open your mowf (mouth)!

When he doesn't see Zoey.
Cam: Where my baby Zoey go?

When laying in bed with him before saying goodnight.
Cam: Snuggle with you, Mommy?

After our lone rain storm of the summer.
Cam: Daddy turn off the rain?
Me: (confused) No, buddy.
Cam: Oh.

Getting frustrated with Zoey's lack of verbal skills.
Cam: Guess what baby Zoey?
Cam: (a little louder) Guess what baby Zoey?!!
Cam: (now yelling) Guess what baby Zoeyyyyyy?!!!!

Knows his name.
Grammy: Sorry, Charlie.
Cam: I not Charlie, I Camden.  Charlie is a train!

Me: What's your name?
Cam: Camden James Peters!

Me: What's your baby sister's name?
Cam: Baby Zoey Grace Peters!

Squatting, grunting, with a beet red face.
Me: Cam, are you going poo poo?
Cam: No!
Me: Are you sure?
Cam: No wook (look) at me, Mommy!

Learning to use scissors at daycare and telling me about the rules.
Cam: Ms. Debbie say, "No cutting hairs. Only peepers (papers)."

Likes to shake your hand and say, "Nice to meechu (meet you)."

I opened the door and came out of the bathroom (where Camden had been standing outside, knocking and yelling for the duration).
Cam: Mommy!  What you doing, Mommy?!
Cam: Mommy!  What you doing, Mommy?!
Me: I went potty.
Cam: (clapping) Good job, Mommy!

Talking about his Uncle Josh.
Cam: (something I couldn't understand) Uncle Josh.
Me: You like Uncle Joshy, huh?
Cam: I wike (like) peanut butter, too!

I came downstairs for our anniversary dinner in a dress.
Cam: Mommy, you a princess!

Always asking about his Papa.
Cam: Where's my Papa?
Me: I think he's at the gym!
Cam: He's at gymnastics?

Whenever Zoey spits up.
Cam: Oh, no.  She spit over.

Anytime Huck called him "Griffin."
Cam: I'm not Griffin.  I'm Camden.

Snuggling in bed and he bonked my eyebrow with his head.
Me: Ouch!
Cam: What happened?!
Me: You bonked my eyebrow with your head and it hurt.
Cam: Awww, that's very sad.  I sorry, Mommy.

Taking his uneaten mini muffin from him when we arrived at daycare.
Me: Are you done?
Cam: Yes.
Me: (takes muffin)
Cam: Do not throw it in the bushes!
Me: (confused) I'm going to save it for you for later, buddy.
Cam: OK. Do not throw it in the waters!

Anytime you ask him if he wants to do something (i.e. swim lessons, the park, indoor play center with bouncy house, Grammy and Papa's).
Cam: Ohh, that's very fun.

Take Luck,

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