Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Camden Says / 04

It's time for another installment of Camden Says.

As usual, I also completely recognize and accept that I may be the lone person on this earth that finds this to be funny.

Me: Are you my big boy?
Cam: No, I Camden.

 When he doesn't know what to say he'll say any of the following, leaving whoever he's talking to (usually a random person) very confused:
- Broom snapped in two!
- Dragon breathes fire out his mowf (mouth)!
- I saw polar bear at Ms. Debbie's!
- Big bad wolf is coming!

Days after Zoey was born, I was holding her and saying goodnight to him.
Me: Say goodnight to baby sister, too!
Cam: (leans over and puts his face into my tummy) goodnight baby sister!

While Ryan's parents were visiting I was feeding Zoey in our bedroom with the door shut.
Me: (hears knocking of a little person) come on in, buddy!
Cam: (attempts to open closed door by turning handle)
Me: Can you open it?!
Cam: No, Mommy!  It's clocked!

While playing with trains with my mother-in-law.
Cam: Mommy!
Me: Yeah, buddy?!
Cam: Hold on, I talking to Grandma.

Recently I went into his room when he woke up and as soon as I opened the door he proudly proclaimed "I have four poops, Mommy!" and held up five fingers.

Seeing me use the breast pump for the first time.
Cam: What's that, Mommy?
Me: It's a pump.
Cam: For the car?
Me: (long pause) Yes.

He likes to go with me to check the mail.  Recently we opened the mailbox to find a package from Old Navy inside.  He grabbed the bag and thought they were "chips!"

Reading a book at bedtime the other night that had a buoy in it.  He pointed to the picture and asked what it was.
Cam: What's that, Mommy?
Me: It's a buoy!
Cam: No, it's a ding dong!

When the sun is shining in his eyes while riding in the car he yells, "Stop it, sun!"

Other random things that come out of his mouth:
- The dragon (or dinosaur or shark) bite my finger (or toe or other random body part)
- Dream about Mommy? (Asking me what I dreamt about)
- I hold her, Mommy?
- Hi, baby girl (talking to Zoey in a super high pitched voice)
- Hold on, Mommy
- Yes, it is (very matter of fact, complete with his little lisp)
- Calls M&Ms "emmy ems"
- She so pretty, Mommy (talking to Zoey, sometimes calling her "he")
- No take nap!  No go bed!

Take Luck,

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