Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I have started this post about 17 times now.  I get distracted by my children, my mommy brain, or randomly fall asleep because I have a moment of silence and I instinctively try to catch a cat nap.

It seems like a lot and nothing has been going on all at the same time the past couple (almost two!) months.  We are busy acclimating to life as a family of four.  For the first several weeks of Zoey's life, I was more than a wee bit terrified of having two kids and wondering if I was going to be able to keep my head above water.  I'm happy to report I've found my not-back-to-work-yet-but-I-have-two-kids-groove and I'll worry about the working-full-time-and-I-have-two-kids-groove later.

So, what's new?

- I'm basking in the glow of my maternity leave and the thought of returning to work makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth.  My biggest guilty pleasure has been watching Kelly and Michael.

- Second biggest guilty pleasure (that I wish was a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream!) is binge watching on Netflix.  I finished the third season of Orange is the New Black, finally got to watch the final season of Parenthood (on Hulu, thank you for the suggestion Tiff!) and bawled my eyes out, and just finished the first season of Grace and Frankie.

That makes me sound like all I do is watch television, but I promise you I do other things like take naps.

- Speaking of Tiff, she and the kids (and her aunt!) are coming to visit us next week and I cannot even explain how excited I am.  My heart is happy and full and they aren't even here yet.

 - We'll be flying to St. Louis in August for Ryan's cousin's wedding.  This will be the first time we've flown with two kids and maybe I'm setting myself up for disaster but I'm feeling mostly confident.  I've been trying to find a dress to wear to the wedding that is flattering, comfortable yet wedding-appropriate, and nursing-friendly and I'm starting to wonder if such a dress exists.

- I would just like to mention (again!) that the airfare to St. Louis was outrageous.  Seriously, I'm wondering if Alaska Airlines fully understands the concept of supply and demand.  I'm pretty sure people aren't lining up to travel to the hot and humid August that is St. Louis, Missouri.

- I have a work trip to Hawaii in mid-September and we've decided to make a family vacation out of it.  Ryan, the brave soul, will watch the kids during the day while I'm in my meeting, and he will run away for a cocktail as soon as I return.  Kidding, I hope.  To be honest, I am very excited and my online shopping habits has never been more worrisome in preparation for this adventure.  

- The airfare to Honolulu was cheaper than the airfare to St. Louis.  Again, I ask in what world does that make sense, Alaska Airlines?!

- I've concluded that neither Ryan, Camden, or Zoey can ever say that I don't love them.  On two occasions now I have packed up my children and gone down to the frozen yogurt shop to get Ryan a cup and left without any for myself.  Cutting dairy from my diet has proved to be a wise decision for Zoey's stomach, so I continue on and sacrifice my love for milk products - hence, no fro yo for mommy.  Last week Camden randomly (and very excitedly!) asked to go swimming at the CCA (he meant YMCA) and he was so darn excited I just couldn't say no.  Ryan needed to study so at seven weeks postpartum, I handed off Zoey, grabbed my bikini, prayed I wouldn't see anyone I knew, and took my sweet boy swimming.  I vowed not to make eye contact with anyone and pretended to be invisible to everyone other than the happiest little guy in the pool.

- Camden's understanding seems to have shifted and I'm convinced he thinks his OK ot Wake! alarm clock tells him when to get up and not that it's OK to get up.  It's currently set for 6:35 and swear I will watch him on the monitor and he will be dead asleep at 6:34, roll around at 6:35 and peek at his (now green) clock, and immediately hop out of bed.  If I don't immediately free him from his bed chamber he will fake cry until I do and then proudly jump around and point to his clock saying, "it turned green, Mommy!"

- Several weeks ago when Zoey was very new, and in an effort to show Camden that he was still special and loved, we took him bowling after Ryan got off work.  We went to our lane with his little six pound, orange, child's ball but he was adamant that he want a blue one.  Seriously, before Ryan or I could tell him, "no!" or run over to stop him, he was helping himself to a lovely 15 pound blue ball off the rack.  I don't even know how he managed to get it off that the rack as quick as he did but he promptly dropped it on his toe and even more promptly started to open-mouth-no-sound-cry.  We weren't too surprised when his big toenail fell off this weekend. #parentsofthecentury

- We took Camden to see Minions in the movie theater and set our expectations really, really low.  I figured, both he and Zoey were free and it was a matinee showing, so if we had to bail early we were only out the cost of our adult tickets.  I was a little worried when sitting in my lap after the first preview, he turned around to face me and said, "OK, all done!"  We assured him it was worth it to stick around and watch and may or may not have bribed him with some M&Ms (emmy ems if speak Camnado).  Zoey slept through the whole show and he got a little restless towards the end, but we made it to the credit roll.  

- The cashier at the store yesterday asked me if Zoey was mine and after I gave her a very confused look she laughed and told me that I don't look like I would have a baby that young.  I laughed  a big, hearty "HA!" and then asked her if I could hug her.  She returned my confused look and I quickly told her that she had just made my day.

Totally exciting stuff, right?  You're welcome.

Take Luck,

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