Thursday, July 2, 2015

Zoey - 1 Month

I'm here.  We're alive, I promise.  I've opened up my Mac many times in the last four weeks to pluck out something, but each time I end up shutting her down because my heart really isn't in it.  I really hope I'll get back into the swing of posting, so fingers crossed.

As every mother before me has stated, and I too say all the time - I cannot (repeat, cannot) believe how fast time is going and that Zoey Bear has already been stealing our hearts for one whole month.

- At one month, I am guessing she weighs close to 10 pounds.  Sister hasn't needed to see the doctor nearly as many times as her big brother did so I won't have an official weight status until two months.

- Is a very calm and relaxed baby so far.

- Has the same nose and lips as Camden, but has Ryan's and my dark hair, and my skin complexion.  I see more of myself in her every day.

- Has dark blue eyes and brown hair. The hair on the top of her little head is all falling out, leaving her with a fabulous mullet. 

- Showed some sensitivity to dairy so I've eliminated that from my diet.  You should see the death glare I give Ryan when he pulls out the tortilla chips and sour cream for a post-dinner snack.

- Goes from hungry to hangry real quick.  This has proved interesting when trying to get her to take a bottle.  If we reach hangry status, there's no way she's taking that sucker.

- Is super uninterested in taking a pacifier but you can bet your booty I'm trying really hard to make her a believer.

- Does not appreciate getting dressed.  Getting undressed is tolerable.

- Has the most intense hiccups I have ever seen/heard from a wee baby her size.  It's no wonder her in-utero hiccups would make me feel nauseated.

- We've been battling thrush for two and half weeks now, but that's another post entirely.  Promise.

- Sleeps anywhere from four to six hours overnight.  This mommy much prefers the six.

- Has no idea how much she's loved and adored by her big brother.  We're working on being gentle but he has no idea what that means.

My mom gave me a dress that I wore for my one month pictures and I tried to take pictures of Zoey in the same dress today, but I am no professional photographer and I desperately want a decent comparison photo - so we'll be taking a little trip to JCPenny's next week (thank you, Groupon!).  I'll be sure to share.

I won't leave without a comparison of Camden and Zoey at one month.  I hadn't quite figured out my "monthly photo" strategy yet at Camden's one month birthday, but it's better than nothing.

Until next time.  Which I hope is before Zoey's 2 month post on August 2nd.

Take Luck,

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  1. So precious--you can definitely tell Zoey and Camden are siblings! I also love how frowny both of their baby one month photos are--especially knowing that Camden is the smiliest toddler around, I'm guessing Zoey will grow outta that.

    SO CUTE. I cannot wait to snuggle her little balding head.


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