Wednesday, February 4, 2015

23 Weeks

23 weeks down and May doesn't feel very far away.  At all.

The belly and the belly button have officially popped, making those people who were previously side-eyeing me, wondering if I was pregnant or letting myself go - now feel confident that it's the former.

Speaking of the belly button - I'm fairly confident that Camden associates the baby with my belly button.  He is always poking it (trying to poke it back in, perhaps?) and I'm wondering if he thinks that's how the baby will make her exit from my body?  That's frightening to think about.

The belly pop apparently gives people the impression that the belly is open for rubbing business.  I don't mind when my parents or siblings do this - but when strangers or work acquaintances reach out to cop a feelski, I really want to reach out and rub their bellies in return.  Just to see what they would do.

This week, a male co-worker (who I don't actually work with but we are within the same division) came to my desk with some chocolate in hand.  He put the chocolate on my desk and with a smile said, "I heard about your situation."  Since when did being pregnant become a "situation"?  I didn't bat an eye and happily ate the chocolate.  Because hello, it's chocolate.

I had my 23 week OB appointment on Monday morning.  While standing on the scale and watching the nurse continue to slide the slider-thing farther and farther to the right - I started to do a little mental math.  I confirmed that I gained seven pounds in four weeks.  The nurse could tell I was a little shocked and she said, "Well, the good news is - you can't tell!"  I laughed and said, "Maybe, but I don't know if that's a good thing."

I am officially the annoying pregnant woman who randomly touches or rubs her own tummy.  I don't remember doing this a lot when pregnant with Cam.  Maybe I did - but I think this time I am more aware of my body and the likelihood that this will be my last pregnancy.

Baby girl is moving/bouncing around in there a lot more - especially at night.  I think she is more active than Camden was at this point, but who knows.

I pee so much during the day that I'm starting to count my 38 daily trips to the bathroom as exercise.  

I will have another OB appt in four weeks (27 weeks) and get to take the dreaded glucose test.  At my appointment on Monday, the nurse asked what flavor glucose drink I wanted - fruit punch, lemon lime, or orange.  After some internal debate, and asking if I could pick none of the above, I settled on lemon lime.  Gross.  

Take Luck,

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