Sunday, March 9, 2014


I am starting to feel that I'm just a generally awkward person.  Awkward situations seem to follow me everywhere.


Case in point: After work on Friday, I swung by the bank to deposit some checks.  I pulled up to the post, filled out my deposit slip, and sent the tube through the vacuum.  The bank teller appeared in the window and gave a warm welcome, telling me she would have my receipt right out.

Apparently I didn't designate the account (checking or savings) to deposit the money, so she needed clarification.  When I poked my head out the car window to respond, I realized that I was talking into the microphone and not looking at the teller through her window - which she could clearly see me from.  Then I felt my face flush as I realized I wasn't sure where I should look and speak.  Do I look at the window and talk through the microphone?  Or do I look at the microphone and speak, pretending like the teller isn't there?

Totally ridiculous.  Yet, I make it awkward.  Cuz that's what I do.  Apparently.

This encounter got me thinking about all the other awkward things that have happened recently.

- Approaching someone in the hallway and you both move in the same direction to get out of the other's way, only to move again and you continue to block each other

- Not knowing someone's name when they clearly know yours

-  Trying on a clothing item, seeing it doesn't fit, and getting stuck in it while trying to peel it off your body (Because panic-induced sweating and heavy breathing totally helps)

- Asking someone about their significant other only to find out they aren't together anymore

- Holding open a door for someone and they walk right past

- Using the phrase, "you too," when it doesn't apply (Namely, at the movie theater when the cashier tells you to enjoy the movie and you say, "you too")

- Waving back to someone who is actually waving to the person behind you

- Sarcasm getting confused with a serious comment

- Saying my name to someone face-to-face and they still think I said "Warren"

Please, please tell me that some of these awkward situations happen to you?

Take Luck,

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  1. Oh my gosh, these things totally happen to me... Almost daily, haha.


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