Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Recap

Along with my domestic goddess duties, I've been neglecting this here blog.  My apologies to you readers (Hi, Mom and Tiff!).

Over Christmas and New Year's Day, we spent 10 days with Ryan's family in the Midwest.  Our initial agreement (that sounds awful, but it isn't) was that we would spend every-other-Christmas there, but we hadn't been for Christmas since 2011.  Oops.  We'll blame that one on The Hamster's due date of 12/16 and the fact that there was no way in hell's fiery depths that I was going to fly last year with a spanking new baby.

Brace yourself for the most boring Christmas recap ever because the details are now a little foggy.  I do recall that it was a great trip, filled with lots of family time, visiting with friends, food, wine, laughter, and relaxation.

Thankfully, this child just goes with the flow and was cooperative with whatever we had on the agenda for the day - which always seemed to be something! Even though this was technically Camden's second Christmas - it felt like his first real Christmas.  

And then, he was ready for Christmas to be over.

We got to meet up with Alex & Patrick, who we first met in June.  It was so fun to get the boys together and see how they've grown.  I hope to make this a mandatory thing each time we visit.

Camden lived up to his Hammy Cammy nickname on many occasions.

Camden and his cousin, Liam, got to spend lots of quality time together.  Some of which was adorable and totally heart melting to watch.

Believe it or not this was one of the sweeter moments.  Liam just really wanted a hug and kiss from his cousin and laid the smack down to get some.  In matching jammies, on the dog bed, no less.

Camden got to spend lots of time with his Aunt Becky, who even made my dreamy dreams come true when the three of us took a quick road trip to Carbondale and had lunch at Quatros.  My softball teammates and I practically bled Quatros pizza from 2004-2008.  While at lunch we met up with my former head coach, Kerri, without whom, Camden wouldn't exist.

By the time New Year's Day came, I think we were ready to get back home and back to our own routine.  This guy, especially.

We had a great trip, filled with many wonderful memories.  As always, I leave wishing that we weren't so far away from Ryan's family, but I know we all do what we can and make the most of each visit.  C'est la vie.

Take Luck,


  1. hi, love! can i just say Camden cracks. me up. you've got yourself one special little guy there. of course, you already knew that ;)

  2. Hammy Cammy is SO DARN CUTE! Love it all. Glad you had a good Christmas!


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